Friday, April 30, 2010

Am I having fun yet ?

I have a confession to make , I really do not like doing machine quilting , I much prefer hand quilting but time doesn't allow me to hand quilt everything I make so I am now quilting this UFO from two years ago , I'd say it is about time to get it finished . I started yesterday afternoon and I made good progress and I am now doing something I never did before , I am doing a machine embroidery quilt block , I bought this disk at least two years ago and I have never used it , bad girl I know but to be honest I am not that sure how to use it and it will be trial and error I am sure . I bought this machine second hand and therefore have had to learn all about it on my own so I think I avoid doing things that I don't quite know how to do ;-) There are large spaces along the sides and corners that needed something extra and I thought what the heck give it a try if it doesn't work I can pick it out right ? Fingers crossed that I have this figured out I'll let you know how this works out until then thanks for stopping by .
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  1. How's it all going Sheila ? Can't wait to see the quit & embroidery. Hugs, Jeanette