Friday, April 23, 2010

A new adventure

I know I probably shouldn't be taking on any more just now but when I see something I really like it is hard to resist and it has happened again ;-) I was innocently visiting some of my favorite blogs when I spotted a button on a sidebar that caught my eye so I just had to investigate and once I did the first thing I knew I was signing up . I am so easily swayed but they are just so pretty ,okay  I suppose it is time to tell you what I am talking about .Well it is a group of bloggers that are taking part in "One Flower Wednesday " .What is that you say , well just go on over here and you also might be tempted to sign up ,Karen has an interesting blog so you might also want to look around .  The interesting part about this is I have never made an English paper pieced grandmothers flower garden so it should be fun and it may be a little learning curve for me although I do love hand work and this will be perfect for working on in the evenings right , surely I can accomplish at least one flower a week , preferably on Wednesday . I 'll let you all know my progress , right now I am cutting out hexagons from card stock and next will go to my stash and find fabrics I think will make great flowers .It really should be fun and I encourage you to join in and help this garden grow :-)
Have a super day and thanks for stopping by .


  1. Those look really cool....but I don't know how to make them! :o( It will be fun to watch your progress, though. One question - what do you do with them after you make them? Are they for a quilt?



  2. Ha Ha Sheila. I see you got sucked in too. :) Can't resist hexagons. I ordered a pack of papers yesterday. Hopefully they'll arrive for me to make at least 1 flower before Wednesday. Hugs, Jeanette