Sunday, April 25, 2010


I recieved a gift from Lynda for Christmas and it included a challenge .Here is how the challenge read :
-Use a piece or several of each of the enclosed fabrics (including the wrapping) on the front of the quilt .
-You can add as many other fabrics to the quilt as you desire .
-The quilt must be both pieced and appliqued.
-Have at least one hexagon somewhere on the front of the quilt ,although you can put in as many as you wish .
-Have a critter of some kind on the front of the quilt.
-Embellishments such as bedding , buttons , ribbon embroidery etc. are all encouraged.
-Be finished and email a picture of it to my friend Lynda by June 30 ,2010 .

The fabrics you see are what I have left of what we were to use in the quilt , you will see that I have indeed added other fabrics , I actually have very little leftover , this picture is decieving .
It took me a while to decide what I wanted to make to cover these requirements but here is what I came up with and I just finished hand quilting it .Not sure I covered the embellishment area too well , only one small button . However , the hand quilting took a while as I was trying to learn how to use a hoop , not the easiest thing to manipulate to be honest but I am slowly getting the hang of it .So there you have it all finished long before the June deadline , you have to love that part ;-) There are a few others involved in this challenge and I am anxious to see how they have used the fabrics , should be very interesting . Thanks Lynda , I enjoyed the challenge , it really was a lot of fun and I am pleased with my little quilt.
Thanks for stopping by .
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  1. Loks gorgeous Sheila. Love what you did with the fabrics. I'm getting there, slowly. :) Hugs, Jeanette

  2. Oh Sheila, that is absolutely gorgeous! I would never have thought to use some of those fabrics together, but you really came up with a lovely design and they all work together so well. I really love that red bird! I'm sure the other ladies in your challenge are going to love your design!



  3. It's beautiful! Well done! :0)

  4. Your hand quilting is GORGEOUS! It is a beautiful piece.

  5. What a fabulous challenge Shiela and what an adorable little quilt you made... it's really lovely and very appealing!!