Friday, March 4, 2011

Crazy Quilting Friday

I am back at making some darker blocks as I want to make a lap quilt and so far I don't have enough of this shade to do that .As you can see I have yet to add any embellishment,kind of ran out of time , it always seems to get away from me ;-)
I did however finish off the teacup crazy patch runner and I am really pleased with the results , the four blocks are a perfect size and as you can see it fits the hutch just so , will I leave it there , maybe not , you see I am a country girl at heart and this seems just a little too victorian for me , now I absolutely love the Victorian look but it looks out of place in my house so it may have to find a new home in the future . Now it may look better on a bedroom dresser , haven't tried that out yet .
It is a lovely sunny but very cold day here , -25C this morning with the wind chill , but at least the sun is around which makes it seem warm even if it isn't . Hope your day is filled with sunshine or at least all good things . Thanks for stopping by .
Hugs Sheila

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  1. I so love the runner and your new block. Maybe I too will make a runner if I can whip up a few extra blocks.

  2. Oh that new block is really pretty and crazy! LOL I need to do some cray quilting. I know I keep saying that, but I just have so many things in the fire right at this point. I love the look of crazy quilts though at quilt shows. I usually go to those first. So intriguing.

    Your runner is just gorgeous and it looks great on that awesome hutch of yours. I love that too!

    You enjoy your weekend, friend.


  3. Lovely; as usual Sheila....The runner looks so nice on the hutch...A question; do you quilt or tie your crazy quilts? I have been going back and forth with that.Even though I haven't started mine yet....with all the embellishments on one; was curious which would work the best.....

  4. Your runner and new block is/are lovely. enjoy your weekend - I think the temperature here is to be just below 30c for a couple of days only - then the heat is probably back! Some of your cool would be lovely!

  5. Another lovely block, Sheila. I don't think you've made a single one that I haven't liked! And the teacup runner turned out just perfect. It does look nice on your hutch (which I LOVE), but I bet it would look just as pretty in a bedroom!

    Enjoy that sunshine!



  6. Love the block! It's so pretty!! Runner is just beautiful in that spot! Perfect!

  7. The runner is beautiful Sheila. Love the border fabric. Hugs,

  8. Hi Sheila I thank you for stopping by for a visit on my previous post I am not so good at sending thank you replies just not much time ,I have a srt and frame shop here in Athens Greece so there is very little time for me ,I love your crazy block I have also made some ,but not as pretty or crazy ,I really tried to make them crazy I am thinkin of cutting through them and resewing I have seen that ,hhmm! one day I will have time ,we have been having some sun over here ,but it is cold and windy I can't wait for spring,happy sewing,xoxo theodora

  9. Your green dresser is a treasure. Everything looks so good on it. I really look forward to seeing what you have made for Crazy Quilting Friday. I always look closely to see if we have any of the same fabrics in our stashes. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I love your green dresser. It's hard when your drawn to make something and then you can't decide where it looks best. Your crazy patch is lovely.