Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A special basket

Every Wednesday morning I spend sewing with some very dear friends , well this morning my best friend Dianne passed me this adorable basket and said "I want you to have this it belonged to my Mother " .She also told me there was a little piece of fabric inside ,wasn't that just so sweet of her , she knows I love baskets and this one will be really special to me because I knew her Mother and she was a sweet person who made me smile so when I look at this basket from now on I will think of both Dianne and her mother June . Thanks Dianne I love the basket as well as the fabric . Dianne is a very creative person so if you haven't checked out her blog you really should so don't waste anytime head on over here and see what she has been up to lately .

I hope you have had a wonderful Wednesday ,oh I have to tell you this , I had to go buy my dog a blanket he seems to destroy them so quickly and there is this shop called Frenchies that sells dog blankets for $2 so off I went .They have a box in the corner designated for dog blankets which I checked but all that was in there was a couple of knitted afghans and a blanket with the binding which would not be a good idea for Luke , I don't think I need to explain why , anyway back to my story , I asked the gal working there if they had any blankets out back and she said she would check and out she came with a QUILT, now it is not a real special quilt but still for $2 I took it and she had brought out an old comforter which is more Luke's style so I got that one as well . Once I get the quilt washed I will take a picture to show you ,it is a little worn but like I said the price was right and it is unlikely it will ever be a bed for Luke ;-) Take care and have a wonderful day .
hugs Sheila
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  1. That is a story that warms the heart, she must think slot of you to give you something of her mothers....just warming!!

  2. What a sweet basket and such a sweet and thoughtful thing for her to do.

    Does she weave them herself?

  3. How lovely of Dianne to give you her Mum's basket.Dianne is so sweet. Hope Luke treats his new rugs better. :) Hugs,

  4. You can never have enough baskets.... good for trinkets, buttons, threads.... all sorts of treasures....
    Look forward to seeing the quilt..

  5. Oh Sheila..what a nice adventure...the must have been surprised. And the basket is lovely...sounds like you and the ladies at the church are very busy too...have fun

  6. What a beautiful basket! I love the star on the top of it! :0)

  7. It certainly is a lovely basket and a special keepsake too. Great friends are real blessings.Looking forward to seeing the quilt!