Monday, July 9, 2012

I just had to do it !

Do you ever have a little fabric left over and just feel the need to use it then and now , well that is what happened to me , I had a little fabric left over from the tote I made last week and I just had to come up with a plan for another tote but since I rarely make the same thing twice I went through my patterns and came across this pattern by Sew Prim Kris ,sorry but I printed this off years ago and there is no web address anywhere on the pattern .I just found the web site and here is the link  If you make it be sure to cut your straps the width of your fabric not 21" .
Now to tell you a little story about the green straps , I had cut the straps the length it stated on the pattern only to find that it was wrong and you guessed it there was no more fabric to make longer straps , what to do now . Well believe it or not these straps were once a blouse ,yep , a bright green blouse that was miles too big for me so I proceeded to cut it apart , you know if you want to deal with some stress just cut a shirt apart , just rip those seams and all that stress goes with it ;-) I then pieced enough of the back to make the straps and had to come up with a pocket so pieced what was left of the pink and mauve pieces and not quite enough , ok lets see that blouse placket , perfect , cut to size stitched on to the front and then added a piece for the backing of the pocket and voila , a pocket with buttonholes premade for me , how cool is that . This pattern has inside pockets as well , here is a photo of that,
There are four pockets the width of the inside of the bag , so lots of storage space . Still the tiniest of pieces left over so I sewed them up into this little card wallet .
Whew that fabric is now gone , yeah , but hey I am on a bag making kick and have another in the works now but with different fabric :-)
 Now to change the subject a little I love taking photos of flowers so I was recently at a friends home and out came the camera to take these photos ,hope you enjoy them.
Is there anything prettier than a pansy ?
A yellow lily perhaps.Now not just flowers have great beauty just look at these leaves.

 Or how about a tree that is decaying ,doesn't sound all that pretty but I really thought it was neat.
Not the best picture of me , I was trying to ward off the mosquitoes that were eating me alive but this is at Caribou Beach and in the distance you can see the Ferry that goes to Prince Edward Island one of my favorite places on this planet.

 I hauled the sweater on to keep the bugs from chewing on me as it was really a lovely evening otherwise. And yes I had shells and rocks in my hands in case you are wondering , I am worse than a kid when I go to the beach .
Thanks for stopping by and hope your day is a special one in every way. hugs Sheila


  1. Love the bag and the tiny wallet too.
    I also like to make matching accessories when I make a bag.
    Your flowers are very pretty.

  2. nice bag Sheila....and I love the card wallet! Flowers are so beautiful...I feel bad now that my spring flowers are gone. They make the biggest part of my gardens. But; like you said Hostas....greenery is beautiful too....

  3. Great bag and nice save with the straps. Love Valori's little card wallets.

  4. that looks like a wonderful beach day I hope to get out to that part of Canada.
    nice little tote and wallet.
    in stitches
    and on pins and needles

  5. The bag & wallet look great. I love pansies, hoping mine survived this weather. Hugs,

  6. Love your bag! and the flower pics are sweet. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world .

  7. Your bag is lovely Sheila, such a pretty fabric. I'm not surprised you wanted to use it all up.
    Your flower pictures are very pretty and your beach is lovely - those darn bugs are just a pest though aren't they. :))

  8. Sheila love your bag and little purse,wel done ,and such pretty flowers.xx

  9. It's great to use up ALLLLLL the fabric... great bag and I love the little card wallet.... pretty flowers.. and lovely walk on the beach... I wish I could come too but without the mosquitoes!!

  10. great bag and the little purse is cute. What a great achievement to have used up your left over fabric.

  11. I know what you mean about using up fabrics, I have been makeing bags all last week I made two Bow Tuck bags and working on a 3rd, and also doing a Jelly Roll bag. I love the little card bag.

  12. Beautiful photos. It's so hot here everything looks bad.

  13. Hi there , able to log on today Bags..I love making totes.. Love the flower pics...& if there were no bugs...The beach is a perfect place to find treasures... Hugs Sheila , Have a great day ...

  14. I have some fabric left from my green quilt...maybe I should make a tote from them! :0)

  15. Wow! What a wonderful bag! Love your fabrics and that little wallet is adorable! And don't you look delightful taking a stroll along the beach...I agree PEI is a destination of choice! Love your are quite the photographer!

  16. Your bag and the little wallet are lovely, and all the flower photos are beautiful.