Saturday, July 21, 2012

Time is getting close

Time for what you ask , well my granddaughters and my daughter in law are coming for a visit in just a couple of days , to say I am excited is an understatement , can't wait to give them a big hug . That is the really sad part about living so far from your grandchildren it is too long between visits but we are grateful for those we do get .
Time is also getting close for the Think Christmas blog hop hosted by Lesley of the Cuddle Quilter and Madamme Samm our wonderful Blog host and cheerleader . I will be Thinking  Christmas on the August 1st so be sure to stop by there just may be a little giveaway for you .Want another little sneak peak ?
Can you tell I like snowmen ;-) How am I doing with my Think Christmas you might ask , well I am in the home stretch now , just  a binding or two or maybe three to sew on and I will be all set . I wanted to have this all finished up so I could enjoy my granddaughters visit . Also in August I am heading west to visit my other grandchildren , life is good , can't wait to see them too , much too long since I seen them and they are only young and of course grow so quickly .I will have the opportunity to spend time with two of my three sons while there so that is a huge plus I miss them both so much .
  I went to the Farmers Market this morning and bought a few fresh veggies and eggs and on my way back to the car spotted a really wonderful friend of mine who I have not seen in close to a year so just had to go over and visit with her. Chris had a bag in the car for me , she said it has been in there for quite a while hoping we would bump into each other . Inside the bag was a book and a quilt top she had purchased for me. I will take a photo of the quilt top later to share with you . It is an applique quilt with some of the work done but the person who had started this had obviously taken on a much more difficult task than they realized so gave up the ghost so to speak and now the task is before me. I think it will become a next winters project , perfect for sitting in the evening and stitching on and give me lots of opportunity to practice hand applique . Thanks so much Chris you are the best. Ok I decided to take those photos now while I think of it so here is the quilt top showing just some of the work that has been done and you will get to see the colors being used , I think all of the pieces are in the bag  ,hope so .
Each piece of fabric has a number and the top has been preprinted so you know where to place the pieces ,kind of like paint by number . Here is a photo of the pattern.
 As you can see this is a very complicated pattern , can I do it , well I will give it my best .
  I might as well show you the book Chris so kindly gave me as well .
Thanks for the visit I am off to enjoy this gorgeous sunny day . Hugs


  1. Enjoy your time with your family Sheila.

  2. Have a wonderful time with your daughter and grandchildren!

    That project does look a bit complicated but I am sure you can do it! I'm cheering you on!!

  3. So glad that your family is coming to visit. Have a fabulous time with them. Also when you go out west. Interesting quilt. Looks lovely. I'm sure you can do it. Love the sneak peek at your Christmas project. Hugs,

  4. I think you will tackle that project-no problems! It is a lovely quilt.
    Enjoy your lovely visitors when they come.

  5. Of course you are up to that quilt... it is amazing isn't it and what a lovely book.... have a great time with your lovely visitors... I also have a little one visiting this week so I know your excitement.

  6. Lots of work in that quilt Sheila but it will be lovely. Really want to see the full peek of the snowman one too. Have lots of cuddles with your family.

  7. cute sneak peek Sheila and enjoy your precious family time.xx

  8. Amazing sewing. Have lots of fun with your family.

  9. How wonderful they are coming for a visit!! Can't wait to see your quilt all finished!!

  10. Your Christmas sneak peek looks beautiful, and the new quilt is gorgeous, I'm sure you will be able to finish it! Enjoy your time with family.