Monday, October 27, 2014

This little piggy came to my house :-)

On Friday the postman delivered this adorable postcard from New Zealand , Max who is a nephew of Raewyn has taken a real liking to making postcards and we have exchanged once before so I was delighted when Raewyn asked if I would like to do another exchange with Max . He wanted to show off his improved sewing skills and indeed they are improved .

Isn't it adorable , who wouldn't love this little piggy , he has so much character . Thanks so much Max it is fun swapping with you :-) 
 While on the subject of postcards , I have approximately 16 particpants in the Christmas swap , any more takers ? Sign up by November 1st , mail out by Nov. 30th . Thanks in advance. You are swapping just one postcard and receiving one postcard unless you request more . So come on send me your info , your email address , blog address and your mailing address so I can just copy and paste , I appreciate this bit of help .

On the weekend hubby and I along with another couple headed over to the eastern shore to the town of Guysborough then on to a little rural area just a few kms. away , we were checking out a property that is for sale . I think you may have noticed I love the woods , the smell , the fauna and just being in there makes me feel good  so I have to share what I found .
The road way in , the trees have lost a lot of their leaves now and are making a nice bed along the road , so pretty .
Moss covered large rocks and as you can see even ferns grow in this rich moss , oh I love it !
The trees were also covered , obviously a very healthy forest .
A dead tree giving new life to some fungus .
I couldn't resist this little heart shaped leaf amongst the fallen leaves , so cute .
I am not sure what this is but it is was so lovely and green, teaming with life . I enjoyed this little stroll through nature so much , it truly is good for the soul , you come away feeling refreshed . Of course the air was incredibly clean so that helped too ;-) We enjoyed a delicious chower at a local cafe , I will be going back again , their biscuits were great too :-)
 I have been busy sewing but nothing to show right now , maybe in a day or so until then hope life treats you right . Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my new followers it is so nice to have you .
 hugs Sheila 


  1. Love your little piggy, he is adorable. And your woods are so beautiful

  2. What a beautiful woods to walk in! :0)

  3. What a cute pig! And that looks like a lovely area for a walk! I love finding fungus, and ferns too. And walking down between those trees would be enchanting.

  4. Woohoo, great to see Max's postcard at your house - thank you so much for swapping with him. The woods look like such a lovely place to walk in, I can totally relate to nature soothing the soul.

  5. I can almost smell the wooded area just by looking at the wonderful pictures.

    Love the little piggy postcard.

  6. that sure is a cute piggy Sheila. Walking in the woods is so peaceful

  7. Being out in nature is so restorative!! Glad you got out and remembered to take your camera. Such lovely pictures. Max's postcard is awesome!!

  8. I can almost smell the leaves as I go through your great pics Shiela thanks for sharing them with us. Oh ya I could do more than one swap I'll send you a note.
    in stitches

  9. That pig is too cute. Very original and well done.

  10. I always love a walk in the woods, especially on a cool fall morning or a spring afternoon! Love the heart leaf :)

  11. I love the look on piggy's face! Super forest pictures Sheila - I too love a good forest. We are fortunate to have some areas within walking distance although more and more are being cut down and ploughed for crops sadly.

  12. Max's Pig is gorgeous.....

    What a beautiful walk through the trees. I always feel refreshed after walking along the beach ...

  13. I think I have seen photos of Raewyn's nephew sewing. Cute postcard.
    Lovely photos of God's creations. We have some of that same little plant in NC you showed in the last photo.

  14. What a gorgeous postcard, lovely photos of your walk too.