Monday, March 2, 2015

Are you ready for another postcard swap ??

Good morning , a snowy one here in Nova Scotia but what is new huh , we have so much snow it seems to always be the topic of conversation . As you know Easter and Spring are just around the corner and I am wondering if there is enough interest to have another postcard swap with the theme of either spring or Easter , since Easter is just a month away I will be giving you just three weeks to make and send that postcard , so the due date is March 23  , that gives you three full weeks and I think you can handle one little postcard in that time frame , what do you think ?? I must have the names , addresses , blogs as well as email information as soon as possible by email , please send it even if you have taken part in other swaps , it just makes my life so much easier .
Here is one I made last spring for an exchange . Think pretty flowers or bunnies or whatever Spring and Easter may mean to you  . Lets make this fun :-) 
 I have my first finish for March , my mini quilt , I only had to finish the embroidery and quilt it but at least it is done .
Thanks to Bunnyhill Designs for this sweet little pattern . 
On Thursday we had  visitors for supper and it just so happens it was a few days before Nila's birthday , Nila turned 10 on Saturday so I decided I needed to bake her a cake . I had asked her a long time ago what her favorite cake was so I made a marble cake . It turned out to be somewhat of a challenge as I was missing some of the ingredients and had to do some substitutions and had very little icing sugar so a thin covering was all I could muster up but it was delicious all the same and I think she was pretty pleased .

I didn't have any candles either , that is what happens when you don't know they are coming until the last minute ;-) 
 Time to run , my tummy is rumbling so time to eat . Have yourself a wonderful day and thanks so much for the stopping by .
 Hugs Sheila 


  1. Hi Sheila, I'll be keen to swap again (will email)! Your mini is sweet and Nila does't look too worried by the thin icing! Happy Birthday to her :-)

  2. Your mini quilt is so cute! Is it a keeper or are you gifting it? Fun time with your precious Granddaughter. How nice!
    I am in for the postcard swap and I will pass along to some others I know...wink wink!

  3. I'd love to swap again, Sheila.
    The mini is sweet and so are Nila and the cake :>)


  4. Your granddaughter is certainly growing! I bet she enjoyed her cake......I won't commit to this swap (much as I would like to) because I won't be home for much of the time.

  5. A menininha é sua neta? Parabéns para ela! Certamente ela adorou o bolo feito com carinho pela vovó!
    É claro que quero trocar cartões! Eu peguei o vírus!
    Meus cartões chegarão antes do outono. Isto foi uma brincadeira com o tempo que eles demoram para chegar ai.
    Um abraço!

    The little girl is his granddaughter? Congratulations to her! Certainly she loved the cake made with love by Grandma!
    Of course I want to exchange cards! I caught the virus!
    My cards come before the fall. This was a play on the time they take to reach al.

  6. Love your mini. Goodness Nila is 10 already. Where has the time gone. Such a pretty girl. Hugs,xx

  7. I'll swap postcards again! Info coming our way via email. Maybe I'll just copy your basket of flowers!!

  8. Nila looks very happy with her cake... happy birthday..... Of course I can't resist a postcard swap.... will email..


  9. Will be sending email to join the swap. - thanks for organising again

  10. I'd like to join in for my first time. What size is the postcard to be and can you explain the requirements

  11. I'm in this time Sheila! Pretty finish and lucky Nila, I'm sure the cake was delicious!

  12. Hello dear Sheila! Your mini is so lovely and your Granddaughter is so sweet!
    Unfortunately, I can't swap again...
    Hugs, Deborah

  13. Oh yes please Shelia would love to swap again, will email.
    Looks like Nila loved her lovely birthday cake. Sew nice to spend time with your GD..

  14. I'd love to be a part of the swap again! Your mini turned out so nice and Nila looks like she's enjoying herself :-) Could you send some of that snow our way?

  15. Good morning my friend. I would love to be aprat of your spring swap. Nila sure looks like a lovely young lady, and a lucky one to have your remember which cake was her fav and to make it for her too.
    Have a great day
    in stitches