Friday, March 6, 2015

Who wants to be my partner ?

I have sent out all the partners for the postcard swap , if you have not received an email from me with your partners name and address please let me know asap . I had just enough names to give everyone a partner except me , is anyone interested in being my partner , I would love to challenge a newbie to make a postcard so if you are willing email me your information and we can get started . You can find a link in the previous post for a tutorial I did a few years back , you will learn the basics and see this is not difficult and so... much fun .
 This week I have finally gotten back to my quilt that has been on the frame since last year , for those new to my blog , I fell last April and broke my wrist so no stitching of any kind for many months and then I just let this sit and wait for me to be inspired to finish it . This quilt has a story behind it as it is made with blocks that I received in exchanges way back in 1999-2000 on a now defunk website called SewingWorld ,this was an 18 month exchange and each month someone new would choose the block we were to make and send to our partner for that month , in the end we were to end up with 18 blocks to make our quilt . Unfortunately that did not happen ,many blocks never did arrive and I decided that I would incorporate some blocks I had made as practice blocks before I made the 'Real' block to send to my partners , I was after all a very new quilter and wanted to send the best blocks I could therefore  many blocks in this quilt are these practise blocks and for the most part I used unbleached cotton as my background . I made a turn yesterday so progress is being made .
The block on the end here is a practise block , all the rest in this row are from the exchange . It feels great to be handquilting this , I love to hand quilt but do prefer handquilting at the church like the old fashion quilting bees , we have so much fun together . Oh that reminds me we put my spool block quilt on the frames this week and a few stitches were made , so happy about that .

 Here you can see my tools of the trade , love my little heart shaped holder for my thread needles and thimble, a gift from my friend Lynda  and my little yellow grabber , an invaluable tool given to me by my friend Linda of Scrapmaster . There is a lot of quilting to do in this block , all those tiny triangles to stitch around but I am enjoying the process . 
 Today is a sunny but very cold day , we were fortunate to escape the storm that hit many of the eastern states , that large system just brushed by our province without leaving us any of the snow , so thankful for that we really do not need more snow ;-) It is a great day to stay inside and either do some stitching on my quilt or head to the sewing room and do some sewing on my charming stars quilt , I should have had that done long ago but you know me I get sidetracked and find something interesting to start but that is what makes life wonderful isn't it .
 Enjoy your day and thanks so much for stopping by .
 Hugs Sheila 


  1. Lembro desta colcha antes do acidente com seu pulso. Ela é recheada com lâ de alpaca ou eu estou fazendo confusão?
    Você não ficará sem um cartão.
    Eu acho muito bonito você incentivar novatos. Você fez isto comigo! Isto é lindo!
    Eu não conhecia seu tutorial. Ele é muito bom!
    Um bom fim de semana e um abraço carinhoso!

    I remember this quilt before the accident to your wrist. It is filled with alpaca wool or I'm making a mess?
    You will not be without a card.
    I think pretty much you encourage beginners. You did this to me! This is beautiful!
    I did not know your tutorial. It is very good!
    A good weekend and a loving embrace!

  2. I'll be your partner Sheila, if you still need one. What is the theme?

  3. Glad you are back to getting your quilt done. Can't wait to see it finished along with your spool one.Hugs,xx

  4. Weill be happy to be your partner Sheila if you still don't have one.
    Sew nice to be able to get back to your hand quilting and the quilt will be very pretty when finished.

  5. I'm always available for a post card. Just drop me a line. Love your quilt and so glad that your wrist is that far back to normal. Congrats on that milestone.

  6. hi Sheila... I see you have had quite a few offers.... great.... can't have the instigator going withouth..... glad the quilt is back being worked on.... it's a pity after working so hard to send special blocks you didn't get one back.....

  7. I have nearly finished my first ever postcard. So if you want a newbie I am willing and able. You probably have already filled the spot though.

  8. Very beautiful quilt dear Sheila! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Deborah

  9. Well, I was about to say Me Me Me but I see several other people have beaten me to it! Love your quilt and am so pleased that you have got it together after all this time. The effect from hand quilting is just the best and the process so therapeutic. Enjoy. xx

  10. Sounds like you have a partner, Sheila! I imagine hand quilting in a bee would be a great social event. I love the colours in this quilt, great to be making progress on it again.

  11. So glad to see you back at the quilt! It is looking beautiful!

  12. And you know I would say that I would love to swap with you .... but alas you have a number to pick from so I will wait for another time :0)
    Glad to see you are back hand quilting
    happy sititching

  13. So glad you are able to work on your quilting again. Almost a year is a long time to wait to be able to get back to it. I have always thought a quilting bee would be lots of fun.