Sunday, March 8, 2015


                                                         Everyone is WelcoMe

Friday the 6th was the first Friday of the month which means FNWF hosted by Cheryll  , thanks so much Cheryll. I decided it was the perfect time to get my little wool ornament made for this month , this is part of an OOM on FB on the wool applique page .
These are such fun to make . I also finished off an embroidery piece I found in my bag still in a hoop , and who knows how long it has been there , so long I have no idea who the designer is but I think it might be Jenny of Elephantz.
Here it is when I first finished it and I took this picture after I had begun to do some coloring in the flowers so I could show you the before and after . Here is the after ...
I used water colour pencils and I love how this looks , this will make a sweet pocket on a purse for summer don't you think ?
Now I just have to share what my granddaughter left here on her last visit . Elise is very creative and loves to do Art as she calls it .
This is their dog  who is a huge dog with large brown patches and she made him laying down in the grass , this is not the best picture but it really does look like their dog . I am sure she will be looking for this so I will take good care of it until she comes again ;-)
 One more thing I want to share , we have a little visitor since the bad weather moved in , a cute little squirrel ,Oh I know they can be a nuisance but they are so cute and I know it will head on back to the woods once the warm weather comes .  We have been watching its antics for a week now , so cute.
Do you see him sitting there on the railing , can you see the apples it has set up on the railing one by the post to the left and the other next to a bird feeder to the right of him , he thinks he has hidden them haha. I wish I could have seen him do it and gotten a video of him as he actually has taken those apples and deposited them into the little open feeder to the left of him , he carried them up that post and somehow managed to get them in there , I can see them from my kitchen window but due to the amount of snow on the deck I can't get a picture . Bill had thrown the apples out as they were less than desirable but to him I am sure a real delicacy . You know the other thing that is amazing , the crows came to pick up apples from the field and that little squirrel chased them away . He took some pieces of apples the other day into the pine trees and the crows tried to get them from him but he actually jumped on them , yep , hard to believe if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes . I need to get some of this on video lol!!
 Well thanks for stopping by today , hope you had a wonderful day , we sure did , the sun was shining and the temperatures rose over the zero mark , yippeeee .
 Hugs Sheila


  1. Your granddaughter's clay dog looks pretty nice to me; well done. I love your embroidery, too, very charming and pretty. The squirrels are fun to watch; they drive the pet dogs and cats around here crazy.

  2. great little ornament and stitchery. Your grandaughter's art is cute.
    Boy you breed pretty tough squirrels in your neck of the woods.

  3. They are cute little critters those squirrels. I biologist told me recently that if you get one in your yard who doesn't create mischief by chewing everything in site, you should let it stay as it will chase off others. We have one that is like that. We call him Bob as he is missing the end of his tail. He thinks all the spilled sunflower seeds under the bird feeder are his and scolds the birds loudly if they try to eat them. He didn't try to chase off the moose though. Love your sweet flowers and your granddaughter's dog is fantastic. Is it made of something that you can preserve?

  4. Pretty ornament Sheila and colouring in those flowers makes all the difference - lovely. Your grandaughters dog is cute - what is it made of? We have red squirrels here and watched one in our fig tree just the other day. It is lovely to see them as in UK the imported grey squirrels have taken over in most places. Love the way he has 'hidden' the apples. xx

  5. O enfeite é muito bonito. A sua coleção de ornamentos está crescendo, não é? O bordado das flores ficará bem alegre. Simples e alegre.
    Sua neta faz arte muito bem. Eu vejo uma futura artista plastica?
    Aqui também temos esquilos. Não perto da minha casa. Eles são adoráveis.
    Um abraço!

    The ornament is very beautiful. Its ornaments collection is growing, is not it? The embroidery of flowers will be pretty happy. Simple and joyful.
    His granddaughter makes art very well. I see a future artist Plastic?
    Here we also have squirrels. Not near my house. They are lovely.

  6. thats a lovely ornie you have made...good idea getting some done early..... nice to keep Elise's artwork for her....I wonder if she will follow art later.... I enjoyed the stories about the squirrel... very sweet...

  7. Nice projects you worked on for FnwFs...
    Lovely Dog Elise's made.

    Love the story about the Squirrel. he's a clever fellow. Be great if you can get a video of his antics..

  8. It sounds like you are enjoying the squirrel's visit - fun story with the apples! I love your ornament and your gd's artwork is worth looking after! I've never coloured any of my stitcheries - so you have to heatset the pencil work?