Thursday, August 13, 2015

A few things to share

I haven't been sewing quite as much as usual but when I have even a minute I stitch a little . I am totally in love with my Singer 15/91 and being set up in my dining room was the best decision I could have made , when those veggies are cooking so am I on my little Black Beauty . I guess I should have called her that as she has so much horse power and just whizzes along . I have been making a few string blocks as well as some nine patch on this machine and I did make a tea cozy on it as well .

                                     She is a joy to sew on , she makes my soul happy :-)
Yesterday I went to the guild sewing session and I showed a few of my friends how to make a sweet little tea cosy , My friend Annette had gifted one to me and I showed the girls and they asked me to figure it out and show them how it is made . I did some measuring and mine is not quite as fancy as the one Annette made as hers is reversible with a lovely quilted Christmas theme on one side and nautical theme on the other . I brought along my FW to make one yesterday at sewing and this is what I made .
Here is Annette's 
 Christmas , so I have all the bases covered :-) 
 The tea cosy I made on the 15/91 I left with the girls yesterday so no photo of that one . I had to leave early and just in case they needed a reference it was there for them . They are fun and quick to make and the girls were pleased as punch . We are planning on having a tea cosy display at our next quilt show , we had one this year as well and people seem to enjoy seeing them .  Thanks Annette for the great idea and the great tea cosy .
 I need to stop joining new projects , I was visiting Frances of Tea Time Creations  and she was sharing her House project from Kaaren's QAL and also another Mystery QAL by Deana  , I was smitten the moment I seen this one , how could I resist a quilt with houses and a clothesline between with little quilts hanging on them . Frances you are an enabler lol . It was very late in the month when I signed up and I had to really scramble as you needed to have at least one block completed to receive the next step in the mystery . I managed to get all three houses done , they are rather odd looking but I will call them whimsical , that should cover it :-)

 There are connecting blocks between the houses with the clothesline , I have obviously not gotten to that part yet and I have not started August either but I best get cracking . All you wonderful quilters out there please don't show me any more cute projects I might be attracted to .
  Now on  different note , Bill and I went to Truro a couple of weeks ago to see a miniature horse show . We have a neighbor close by who has five of them and they are adorable so when we heard about this show we thought it would be neat to see , I didn't know such a show even existed .

They pull these little carts through obstacle courses .
They are so neat to see and so friendly , more like dogs than horses in size as well as temperament . The owners might not appreciate that comparison . 

 Our weather has been strange lately and lots of storms have rolled in and out and I couldn't resist taking a picture of this sky the other evening .
 It might be difficult to see it here but it was incredible at the time . Big rumbling clouds along the tree line with pink and lavender above , so pretty .
 So that is it for me today , off to do a little cleaning  as much as I would prefer to be sewing , these things are necessary at times :-)
 Thanks for stopping by today and hope you have a terrific day .
 hugs Sheila


  1. You have been fun with your new toy! This is good!
    The mini horses are very even cute. I do not like to see them pulling carts ...
    I love the design of the houses. I also have a project with homes after I talk about this with you.
    A full embrace of friendship!

  2. I'm so glad you love your new machine so much! They just don't make them like they used to, do they? You said you haven't been sewing very much, but it looks to me as though you've been keeping pretty busy! Your houses are cute. So far, I've been able to resist starting a BOM this summer. I have soooo many other projects in the works and they are taking me forever to complete! Have a great evening. A little birdie told me to expect a little sunshine tomorrow and lots on Saturday. I think you'll recognize it! XO

  3. I love that little singer too, Sheila....she is a beauty!!! Nice things going on there....

  4. Your machine is sewing beautifully, isn't it! I like your houses, whimsical or not, and that is a great tea cosy design.....if you use them in your display, some matching potholders would be useful too. I have taken photos of really stormy skies and they come out looking soft and pretty, I must be doing something wrong.

  5. Love to hear that your little machine is working so well and making you so happy! Your little house blocks are adorable!

  6. Glad you're enjoying your time with Black Beauty! You've been keeping her quite busy with tea cosies and houses. I bet that sky was amazing!

  7. I love those cute tea cozies. It does look like you are have fun on the Singer. It is nice to have it so handy.

  8. Sew nice you are enjoying your Black Beauty and I like the cute tea cosies .

    Oh no not another SAL . Glad I am on the road and can't join in as I just LOVE any house projects.....have fun Sheila.

  9. Hello Sheila! That is great news that you are getting so much enjoyment from your sewing machine and I just love your tea cosies! Christine x

  10. The cozy's are wonderful and I love the pony's.

  11. It does my heart good to see you sewing on your black beauty, making whimsical houses and going to a miniature horse show. As for the saying "no" to wonderful, new projects......we both know that's nearly impossible. It's in our blood.

  12. fun tea cosies... over here people very seldom use teapots these days and I'm afraid I seldom do... I should get one just because they are very nice.... love the little horses and I do love sky pictures... it's amazing how different they can be...

  13. Great little machine Sheila and I love the cosy idea. Your houses are looking good - the idea sounds good with the clothes line, looking forward to seeing it's progress. xx

  14. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your Black Beauty, nice to snatch those moments sewing. What cool tea cosies - sounds like you all had fun with them. A girl after my own heart, busy signing up for new projects, lol, I'm trying to be so good these days but I do love your Whimsical houses :-) And of course I love the photos of the horse show!