Monday, August 10, 2015

St. Davids Quilt Show

On Saturday morning Bill and I headed for Cape Breton , we had two destinations in mind , first off a stop at the quilt show at St. Davids Church in Port Hastings then on to watch our granddaughter Elise play baseball in Judique further up the coastline . My stay at the quilt show was brief and as luck would have it my camera batteries died part way through my picture taking . On the bright side the show was fantastic , what talent in the Strait area !! I met up with Lesley who was busy with the visitors who were there at the time , she was a busy little bee but it was great to talk with her for a while .

                     A view from the front of the church towards the entry , isn't that amazing .
                             A cheerful star quilt plus I love the red and white quilt behind it ,
                                                One of Lesley's beautiful quilts !!
                               Another view of the many quilts on the church pews.
                          I love that they are able to display quilts from the balcony , gorgeous quilts.
                  This one took my eye with the houses surrounding the blocks , great idea .

                                This was a stunning whole cloth quilt , the quilting is amazing .

                                          This trio was just behind the whole cloth quilt.
              This stunning woven scarf was lovely to see among the quilts .I love the colour of this scarf.
 It was at this point the camera quit , a notice came up on the screen telling me the batteries had exceeded their limit :-(   I was disappointed as I was heading down the other isle and Lesley's beautiful Downton Abbey quilt was on display there and I would have loved to show you that one . seeing a quilt in person is so much different .
 If you have the chance to visit the show this week you won't be disappointed , now there may be a few missing as they are for sale . There is another room which is selling smaller quilted items and even some fabric .
 The baseball game was rather interesting , things are done differently with this age group and everyone gets a chance at bat before the next team goes up . They were an enthusiastic group and it was fun to watch their antics . Elise is a real keener and did very well .

 Now here are a few quilts of a different sort , barn quilts . One day we just happened upon these barn quilts and I was thrilled to see them , I had no idea they existed anywhere in Nova Scotia . This is a project by the 4H in Upper Stewiacke area and quite the project it is . There are 15 quilts in total with the hopes of doubling that amount by next summer along with the making of a quilt using these blocks .
                                                Isn't this a great way to decorate a barn !!
 We had a long chat with the man who owned this barn and the horse block was perfect as they had several horses in the pasture .
                                                  A little different pattern :-)
 This one is quite intricate , just lovely and the last one to show you at the moment . I thought I had more photos but can't locate them right now but maybe it would be best if you take a drive over to see them for yourself . I wish I had a barn to put one on .
  That is it from me for today , I do have a little sewing related things to share but will save those for another time. As always thanks for taking the time to stop by for a visit , I love to read your comments .
 Hugs Sheila


  1. So glad you made it up here for the show, even though you weren't able to stay long. St. David's Church makes a lovely venue, and a percentage of the sales from the show help maintain the church. Aren't Lesley's quilts gorgeous in person? She is very talented and skillful. Love the bath quilts. Makes the little one I put up on my barn shaped she'd look so tiny. People don't even notice it!

  2. I'd love to see that display one time. I had the same thing happened at our quilt show this year. Fortunately I had my iPod and managed to take a few other pictures, but the quality wasn't that great.

    Glad you enjoyed the show despite the battery disappointment.

  3. What a beautiful show! Lots of variety in the quilts, you're right - an abundance of talent there... There is something special about quilts in a church sanctuary.
    So happy you found some of the barn quilts too. I have just added that to my "To Do" list.

  4. Thank you for the pics......sadly won't be able to drive there to have a look for myself! *grin* Love the idea of the barn quilts, they haven't caught on here but perhaps there is hope for them in the future.

  5. Sheila, it was wonderful to see you at the show. You are making me blush with all those wonderful compliments. Your pictures are terrific...thanks so much for sharing the show with your readers. I will have to take a drive some day to see those barn quilts...awesome!

  6. Wonderful display. Glad you fitted it in. Always love seeing these beautiful shows x

  7. Hello Sheila! What fabulous quilt and the perfect setting to display them. I loved seeing your photographs of the barn quilts too! Christine x

  8. You are getting your share of quilt shows this August. It's impressive seeing the quilts displayed on the pews and hanging in the church. And I love the barn quilts.

  9. This is always such a spectacular event. I loved seeing the photos.

  10. wow those quilts are sew lovely to look at and the setting is wonderful. I see from some of your other posts that you have seen a quite a few quilts either in shows or on the road. Thanks for sharing and showing them to us all out here.
    Stay in stitches

  11. Great pictures of beautiful quilts in an amazing setting. Thanks so much for sharing. Also just LOVE the barn!

  12. what fun seeing all the quilts... I do love Lesleys sampler quilt (seeings I am doing one!) and of course the whole cloth quilt caught my eye too...

  13. what gorgeous quilts and I love the idea of barn quilts!!

  14. I like when you show this exhibition of quilts at church. It is fantastic!
    The quilts in the barns are "real"? They are fabric or paintings? Oh ... oh ... I would have jealousy to put my work in the sun and dust ... The effect is amazing!

  15. More beautiful quilts Sheila - there really is a lot of talent up there! Love those barn quilts too - what a great idea. xx

  16. Lovely post Sheila, thanks for sharing the photos - and I loved seeing the barn quilts too.