Friday, August 28, 2015

mystery progress

 Good morning from the East Coast , it is a simply gorgeous day , the humidty has lifted and the sun is shining , what more can a gal ask for !! First off I want to share some activity at our bird feeders this morning , I do love the birds.

 A cute little woodpecker enjoying the mixture we stick in holes drilled in that post .
I know this is not that clear as I did shoot this through the kitchen window but a Downy woodpecker was actually enjoying a drink from the hummingbird feeder , I had never seen them do that before .
 Trying to get some niger seed from this feeder .
 Having better luck pecking it out of this sunflower , so neat to watch and he wasn't the least bit nervous of me poking around taking pictures ;-)
  I had planted sunflower seeds in a planter on the deck and both planters produced some flowers but each is different , oh and the seeds were compliments of my friend Annette . Thanks Annette from me and my feathered friends .
This is where the flower that is hanging on the feeder came from , it had gotten to heavy and broken away . Here is one that hung on there and has been a banquet table for many birds .

Isn't that so cool . I love that they can enjoy it straight from the plant am I bet they do too :-)

 Now on to some sewing , yes I have actually been doing a little and working diligently on my mystery quilt being shared with us by Kaaren of the Painted Quilt . I have all 88 flying geese made but need to attach some 2.5" squares to some but have two sides complete with one already sewn on .
  Yes I am using my very trusty vintage Singer 15/91 for this job and it has been a real champ and had made this very huge job enjoyable . There is a ton of piecing and cutting with this mystery quilt but oh just look at the results , I am loving it .
 Also on the sewing front I have completed this months BOM by Buttermilk Basin , love doing these , very relaxing to sit and stitch those wooly pieces to the cotton .
Fun litte project and should make a sweet quilt , thanks Stacy for sharing this pattern with us .

Today is also my hubby's birthday so I would like to wish Bill a wonderful and very Happy Birthday to my best friend and partner of almost 44 years , giving away my age now huh , but hey I was a child bride ;-)
 Thanks for the visit today and hope you have a great one .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Hello Sheila and a happy birthday to Bill! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating! Love seeing your photographs of the birds! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  2. Happy Birthday, Bill! Love seeing those woodpeckers, Sheila! Look at all those flying geese units, omg!

  3. Happy Birthday and all my best to Bill! I have a woodpecker that visits a birch tree just outside my back door. He doesn't mind getting his picture taken either. Love your staggered geese.

  4. Happy Birthday Bill! Your mystery quilt is looking great. And I love seeing all your birds. We've been getting a better variety this year than in the past. They definitely like the sunflowers.

  5. Happy Birthday Bill. Your mystery quilt is looking very lovely. Nice to see the birds enjoying the sunflowers. Hugs,xx

  6. Happy birthday to your best friend! Love the bird pictures. I love those scattered geese on that quilt.

  7. Love your woodpecker pictures; I spotted one this past winter at my feeder when the weather was so severe. Since I live in the city it was unusual to see one, but I got very excited. Your vintage sewing machine has definitely earned its reputation as a work horse. I wonder how many beautiful things it's been used to make.

  8. Happy Birthday to Bill. I enjoyed the shots of the birds. Your mystery quilt is really coming along. I adore the BOM.

  9. Happy Birthday Bill. Love the bird photos. The weather here is quickly changing to Fall, but I love the cooler days.

  10. Happy birthday, Bill......I hope you have a wonderful day! Love how your mystery quilt is coming along, it's looking good. Love, too, seeing the pics of your birds - they are very different to ours!

  11. Neat to see your photos of the birds, I've never had much luck enticing birds with feeders, but do love to watch them in the garden.... love the way they are getting stuck into the sunflowers! Looks like you are doing well with the mystery - the geese border is cool, and love your BB block. Hope your Bill had a Happy Birthday, too!

  12. Great bird pictures Sheila. I am loving this mystery quilt too - seeing various versions around the web. That flying geese border is delightful. Happy birthday (now belated!) to Bill. xx

  13. Happy Birthday to Bill, wonderful. love your bird visitors, its so fun looking at them. I'm just loving the look of the mystery quilt and your little wool blocks... I did so mean to get into doing that one...