Friday, August 19, 2016

More of the quilt show

Here is more of the quilt show in Saulnierville Nova Scotia , get ready for a treat .

                                               A gorgeous red and white sampler .
                                    I think this was another one by Darlene but not sure . I sure love it .
This is a version of the mystery quilt that Darlene of a Needle Pulling Thread so kindly shared with us a few years back .
 This scrappy masterpiece to me represents a LOT of work but isn't a fun quilt and a great stash buster ,not that any of you have any scraps ;-)
                             Another sampler , love the border treatment on this one .

 A different version of the above quilt I think , lighter colours . Pretty pretty :-)
A little different take on the churn dash block , quite interesting for sure and again a great stash buster.
                                 Combination of stars and log cabin blocks .

 OH I love this one , quite a unique pattern and love the applique border , really sets it off . This one was by Joan Tufts , I know some of you know her blog . She had several quilts in this show .
Beautiful nine patch , you cant beat a nine patch , so many possiblities , this one is perfect,
                                                         French Braid pattern
Maple Leaves in fall colours , wonder if she would lend that to me for a while ;-0

                           Another pretty nine patch , love how she framed the blocks.
 So the above quilt is also made by Darlene , I thought it might be and I didn't take many of the labels attached but had for this one so thought I should share it.
                                      Nice border treatment on another nine patch .
 Don't know the name of this pattern but so effective and a great use of scraps , You see I have an abundance of scraps so am always interested in finding interesting ways to use them up but have found that no matter how many I use I seem to accumulate even more , I think I have scrap monsters in my closets lol.
 Another view down through the church . I do love a quilt show in a church , all those colours just seem to fit in a church where there are often stain glass windows . Oh I see I took this from the front of the church looking towards the entrance , you can see the crazy quilt hanging from the balcony . 
I thought you might like to see this little work in progress by Carol Swinden the artist who created the beautiful thread painted baby , fox and antique car . Thanks to both Linda's for providing the name of the artist , I appreciate your help . She is simply amazing  . 
 So that is it for this quilt show but in a day or so I will share the show from St. Davids Church in Port Hastings . 
 Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed the show , not quite as good as being there but better than nothing I suppose .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful quilts...some are absolutely exquisite but my favorite is the maple leaves.
    Mama Bear

  2. Fabulous quilts! So many gorgeous ones!

  3. Gorgeous quilts. I have to say that I LOVE the 9 patches!

  4. All the quilts look fabulous. Hugs,xx

  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts!!!

  6. Each quilt is amazing! Love that red and white sampler.
    So much inspiration too

  7. More lovely quilts - thank you, Sheila! I have made the quilt in the third-last photo, it was great fun......and no, it didn't use up many scraps, in fact it generated more......*grin*

  8. Beautiful! Gorgeous! My hat's off to all those wonderful quilters. Thanks for sharing.

  9. lovely quiklts... I recently saw a 'pattern' for the postcard quilt... Cut 7845 (or something like that) 1 1/2" squares... haha.... you can see me doing that!

  10. Thanks for sharing your photos! Not as good as being there myself, though. Maybe some day. I met Joan and Darlene when we were in Nova Scotia a couple of years ago, after I met you!!

  11. Oh, my goodness, they are all gorgeous! XO

  12. I'm with you on the love of the nine patch. I also love the samplers you show; there so much to look at in that type of quilt. Very beautiful show; thanks for all the pics.

  13. Oh thanks Sheila for promoting the show. Your photos are gorgeous.

  14. Thank you so much Sheila - beautiful. xx

  15. Thank you again for the second viewing of your quilt show,so many beautiful quilts!!

  16. I keep changing! I am simply delighted! They are gorgeous!
    Thanks for showing!

  17. Thanks Sheila. It looks like it was a spectacular show.