Monday, August 29, 2016

St. Davids Church quilt show and sale

Good morning , a little on the wet side this morning but we need the rain so not complaining . I am finally back to share the quilt show that took place a couple of weeks ago in Port Hastings at the little church called St. Davids , a delightful church and a fabulous quilt show .

 A view from the front of the church towards the back , as you can see they make use of all the pews as well as hanging some from the balcony and some rods across the church . Note in the forefront of this photo the tartan woven throws , they are just gorgeous .  
 Who doesn't love a log cabin quilt and this one is stunning .
A perfect quilt for our province .
I thought this one was rather beautiful , it must have been a kit , everything matches so well .
A modern take on Dresdans 
There are no words to describe how incredible these quilts are , both made by Anne Morrell Robinson .
 Again made by Anne Morrell Robinson , such talent and if you had an extra $3000-$4000 you could have taken one of these home .
 There were lots of colouful quilts to buy for the little ones in your life .
Pretty nine patch .
Look up , look wayup and you will see these gorgeous quilts , the one on the right is made by Lesley , the Cuddle Quilter ,she had other quilts in this show as well and worked there everyday ,!
A modern beauty by Karen of Kaholly fame 
Another by Karen :-)
And yet another Karen creation , this one really caught my eye as it uses scraps in such a creative way , love it !!
Not the best photo but this was an interesting art quilt .
I think this is Lesley's quilt , I apologize Lesley I can't remember and I am bad for not keeping notes . It sure is pretty ,
 There were a few of this pattern , Labryinth I think it is called . They tell me it isn't as complicated as it looks .
This gorgeous quilt already had a sold sign on it when we were there , I can see why , it was so well done and all hand quilted , an heirloom for sure .
Love the pinwheels !
 This Celtic knot quilt also sold pretty quickly .
 Some ladies working on a Quilts of Valor Quilt , Lesley and her group made this quilt and are hand quilting it to give to a Veteran . Isn't it lovely .
 They had other things on display other than quilts and this bag caught my eye , love the style of it . The one next to it was especially nice in red , white and navy blue but I couldn't get a decent photo of it . 
 So this is just a small sampling of this lovely show , my friends and I really enjoyed the day and it was wonderful to see Lesley at work :-) 
 Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed the show , to see more be sure to pop on over to visit with Lesley , she has a link to a FB page were you can see even more of the show .


  1. So many pretty quilts in one location!!!! Beautiful.

  2. What a lovely display of beautiful quilts.

  3. Beautiful quilts on show. Just fabulous. Hugs, xx

  4. I enjoyed the show thru FB, but always a thrill to see again here. There were such beautiful works and such variety, too.

  5. Hi Sheila ,wow what a beautiful show and tell,thankyou for sharing xx

  6. Thank you for taking us to the quilt show, Sheila......lovely quilts indeed!

  7. Great show Sheila - there is some great talent around. xx

  8. It was a nice show, Sheila! I'm so glad you had an opportunity to visit! Lesley and the other Tea Thyme Quilter's worked very long, hard hours to make it happen. XO

  9. Thanks so much for sharing Sheila. There is something wonderful about seeing lots of beautiful quilts together xx

  10. Fabulous quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for showing us all those beautiful quilts at the show....

  12. It looks like it was an inspiring show. Even the simple designs are gorgeous.

  13. It looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing so many pretty pictures.

  14. Lovely. Thanks for such pretty quilt show pictures. Makes you feel as if you were there :)

  15. Looks like it was another great show! Would have loved to attend, wish it wasn't so far away. Thanks for giving us a look!

  16. You have wonderful shows to visit. I love the quilts and it was fun seeing a couple of Karen's that I recognised...

  17. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!