Sunday, February 6, 2011

A finish

I have been working on a few things and did find the time to finish this runner which I am really pleased with and it is a perfect fit for my kitchen hutch  although the lighting was better here in the living room so I decided I better take the photo there .

 I am also taking part in the Once a Season Swap hosted by Cheryll and I finished that project as well so I am giving you just a sneak peak of that project even though it is a secret partner you just never know she might be lurking and I don't want to spoil the surprise totally .  I also made something else to put in but haven't taken a picture just yet . We had some snow overnight that turned to rain or freezing rain so it is a very dull dreary day . Thanks for stopping by. Sheila


  1. love the runner Sheila...and What I can see of the secret project is beautiful..I love a vine with leaves of any kind....

  2. I love that runner! And your sneak peek looks pretty great too! :0)

  3. Your so good having finished some of your projects. I only seem to get them started ;))

  4. Sheila the runner is beautiful.
    I love the once upon a season quilt you are making since fall is my favorite time of year,

  5. I really love that runner. Those fabrics are oh so pretty. I just picked up a table runner quilt book the other day and plan on making a few from the book. They are nice just about anywhere:)

    Love the sneak peek for your friend! Looks good!

  6. What a pretty runner. And SO would like to see more of your sneak peek! Looks wonderful.

  7. you are so good at finishing up your projects I tend to start up something before finishing what I have in my hands,good for you ! They are both very pretty and nicely done like all of your projects ,I am a bit envious I have to admit,thanks for stopping by for a visit ,xoxo theodora

  8. I've given you a Sunshine Award.

    The Sunshine Award is passed on "to bloggers who have influenced you with their positive outlook and creativity"

    Here are the guidelines for those nominated:
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    I haven't been blogging long enough it seems, I have found six blogs to pass the award to, hope you enjoy them.

  9. YOur table top is lovely... adn the autumn swap too... I love the colours...

  10. The runner is lovely. Will look nice on your hutch. Love the autumn project. Lovely colours. Hugs,

  11. Runner is beautiful! Nice finish! Your swap looks pretty nice too! :-)

  12. What else can I say but: love the runner!! Your swap partner is lucky!! have a happy sewing day, hugs, Daniëlle