Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sewing kits

As we are all aware Queensland in Australia has been hit by floods recently and now they are dealing with a cyclone which is really scary and my heart goes out to everyone in the area that is affected by such a monster of a storm. We are bracing for a snow storm but that is mild compared to what is happening and has happened in Australia .I have made three sewing kits to send over to the Gumtree Designers who have organized an appeal to help those who have lost everything . Members of our local quilt guild  as well as other quilters in our area are also making kits and I will collect them and send them off the first of next week , I am so pleased with the response and I hope our small effort will put a smile on someones face . The kit on the left was an adaptation of a pattern from Kaaren at the Painted Quilt , mine is much smaller and does not have the same pockets etc. , the second one I was trying to put a larger pincushion in the center so it could be hung over a chair , the third one is on loan at the moment to one of my friends who wanted to make some and wanted it as a guide but it is similar to these two , still trying to perfect the best storage in these kits .I hope to get at least one more made before the box is shipped out next week . I also made a matching drawstring bag for the one on the right and again if time allows I will try to get another bag made . I just added a picture of the kits I have recieved so far , but there are many more to add to this it is just  a matter of picking them up. The cute purple one in the front was made by my dear friend Dianne of RedHeads ,she is a new blogger and I know she would love to have you stop by for a visit . The others in this picture were from friends Joan , Gertie, Wilma and the donated fabrics  are from Janice as well as Wilma (no blogs).
Take care and stay safe and say a little prayer for those in Queensland .
hugs Sheila

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  1. I prayed for them all through the night. I can't imagine what fears they have been facing. My heart goes out to them as well.

    As you said, we were slammed with a snow storm in the night but it was mild in comparison to what they have and continue to go through. God, be merciful!

    It's so nice that you and the others from your guild have formed together go make these kits and so many other things to send for those in need.

    Big hugs and stay safe and warm,

  2. No matter how bad we think we have it...there are always people worse off...this is very scarey...prayers go out to all of those people....

  3. Hi Sheila....thanks for the help..I had the monofiiament in the needle.....but I really think there might be another problem...even changing threads isn\t working....down under may have a burr or it is going in for an overhaul....I appreciate the washer idea too..sounds good.....

    I don't do enough free motion to really know what to expect...want to do more of it I enjoy it when it

  4. Lovely and I am sure they will be cherished not only for their beauty and usefulness, but also for the kindness they represent!

  5. The kits you made are very nice. So nice of everyone who has given you ones to send. All will be appreciated. Hugs,

  6. Those are great... and some stitchers will be so happy ..