Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter in NS.

 Today I thought I would share this collage I made as a result of our Sunday drive yesterday . It was simply a gorgeous day , the sun was shining and everything was just glistening , in my humble opinion there is nothing prettier than a sunny winters day after a fresh snowfall , simply magnificent and refreshing . My husband and I went for a drive down a few country roads , which are gravel roads and my first thought was oh how I would love to be in a sled pulled by a team of horse , now that would have made this scene perfect but I would not have been quite so snug and warm ;-)We stopped at several little brooks so I could get out and take a picture , love that look of the water flowing through the snow covered trees and shrubs .We even stopped in the middle of a couple of bridges so I could take a better picture of the river and yes once we got caught , a car came along and I am sure was wondering what in the heck I was doing out there but hey I was admiring the beautiful wonders of winter and appreciating nature at its best . I hope you enjoyed your little visit to my small part of the world on a sunny winters day . Thanks for stopping by , maybe we should have a cup of hot chocolate now to warm up;-) Sheila


  1. Always enjoy visiting you Sheila....looks like my
    It is cold but sunny and I love the changing seasons....never boring, eh....have a great week/

  2. Beautiful collage!! So good go for that hot chocolate right about now! :-)

  3. Beautiful Sheila - what a wonderful countly you live in. Such a lot of changes in the seasons.

  4. Oh Sheila, those photos are beautiful! I love snow when you can see it in landscapes as beautiful as that. When you have to look at it all piled up and dirty from traffic in the city...that's when I don't like it! So happy that you were able to get out and enjoy the day!



  5. I love how you put the collage together! What beautiful pictures, I am orignally from New England, I miss the snow !

  6. Hi Sheila,
    It is so beautiful and I agree how delightful would it be to be snuggled up warm in a horse drawn sled.