Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Wonderland

This is what it looks like outside my kitchen window right now , lots of snow and lots of birds trying to get some seeds to keep their little bodies warm .The snow on the top of this bird feeder fell yesterday and today , and it is still snowing . The little feeder to the left with the odd shaped pole has several holes drilled in it so we can fill it each morning with a mixture of sunflower seeds , nuts and peanut butter and the frequent visits we have from woodpeckers tells us it is a diners delight .We do have to keep an eye open for the larger birds like the starlings as they will clean this out in no time ,I know they have to eat too BUT I like to help out the little ones as much as possible during these winter months . I love watching the birds , a real delight!
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  1. That's a beautiful sight! I love this photo.

    Starlings do need to eat, but I would never encourage them as they are also very violent with the other birds. We don't keep starlings around here at all :)


  2. That is such a lovely photo, Sheila! I share your love for birds and have about 10 feeders that I try to keep filled. Those little birdies eat constantly! And yes, we have Starlings, too, and they can wipe out a feeder in just a matter of minutes. I try to scatter food for them on the ground away from my feeders, but I think that just makes it worse! :o)

    Thanks for sharing today...stay in and warm!



  3. What a beautiful photo! Send the snow down south. We are supposed to get a "big" snow starting tomorrow. Fingers crossed that we do.

  4. You are definitely getting nailed! The starlings cleaned us out today. You are right, they have to eat, but they can be a nuisance and do scare off the finches and chickadees! Stay warm!

  5. So beautiful... i love feeding and watching birds too - always a delight.

  6. What a georgeous photos Sheila - its hard to think of those tiny little birds surviving in all that cold. Nature is amazing! We have lots of birds here - mostly parrots and honey eaters.

  7. what an exceptional photo, stunning!