Friday, January 28, 2011


Are you familiar with Ta -Da's ? Well I have become very familiar with them and they are a life saver but if I don't see another for a while I won't be tooo ..... disappointed either . In Sept. our quilt guild gave us the opportunity to do a mystery quilt , now I didn't have to sign up but I am an easy push over and it sounded like fun . It is now Jan. and I am still on the month of Oct. as far as my progress goes , pretty sad huh! The upper picture represents the quilt minus the borders all cut and many many half square triangles made , the last ones to be made are under the machine so you can see just what a ta-da looks like , it is continuous sewing then you cut along the solid lines and you end up with 84 (I think) half square triangles . Now this is ingenious and as I said saves a lot of work . This quilt has a lot of HST(half square triangles),one color combination you needed 240 and the other three combinations were each 160 , now that is a lot of triangles don't you think?I do have everything cut except the borders and will start now to assemble blocks , they are 16" blocks and I must make 20,quite a task when I am so far behind but it is entirely my own fault , I started too many other projects instead of keeping up each month :-(  Good thing this isn't a marathon .
You are probably wondering what became of the jumper , well I did get it constructed as far as I could , I need a zipper and didn't have one to fit so I will have to make a trip to town and I couldn't just not sew this afternoon so was a good girl and did that last Ta - Da ;-)
What were you doing today ?
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  1. Interesting. Where do you get the paper for making the HSTs?

  2. Aaah - I bought some of that paper over a year ago and forgot about it..... I must pull it out and do something one of these fine days!!

  3. Hi Sheila! Sorry I haven't been around lately...nursing a nasty cold and bum knee! That is so cool to be able to do the HST like that. I've never seen a paper grid like that before...did you buy it or make it yourself? Very ingenious, indeed and I would imagine a huge time saver.

    Going now to read all your posts I've missed!



  4. I thought you nmay have been using Inklingo for the HST's but you have paper - thats neat. What a lot of work you have done already! Looking foraward to seein it come together.

  5. I bought paper for HST at Thelaundrybasket Quilts. I'm so happy to find out that you too are easy to push over to yet another new project. Argh, sometimes we better not ;)))
    But it's fun .... I've been working on the computer quilting in EQ7. That's fun too.

  6. I bought some of those Ta-Da but haven't tried them yet. I've never used fusible to make HSTs. Looks like a great idea. I can't wait to hear a full review!!