Friday, January 28, 2011

Crazy Quilting Friday

Today's block is mostly from a small bag with the scraps from a kit I once made and the rest were in the same drawer in my little wicker storage cabinet ,before I started I decided that it had to be made from this drawer ;-) I wish it made a difference but sadly it hasn't. Then I thought I should determine just how many blocks I have made and to my surprise I have 24 blocks and even more surprising was the fact that half of them are all pretty dainty colors and the other half are all dark colors , wonder what that says about my personality. So now I feel I must make two quilts , this just won't look nice as one and obviously I till have some scraps for the making of many many more blocks and there is no hurry to have the quilts made so onward it is !
What a beautiful winter day it is , after the snowfall we had yesterday it is simply magnificent looking out over the field with the sun shining and the snow just glistening ,it is colder than yesterday but it is January so we must expect this type of weather .
I'm off now to do a little sewing , going to try something different today , I am making my granddaughter a jumper and it has been a while since I have done any garment sewing .
Enjoy your day whatever you are doing and in closing today I would like to share this quote I came across the other day , read and then really read it again , it is so powerful .

"The true spiritual secret is this ;What you seek you already are .True success is discovering your inner divinity -it's the ability to love and have compassion , trust your intuition ,and awaken to your unlimited creative nature . "
Deepak Chopra

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  1. It does look like you will have two quilts there. They are all so lovely.
    Do you do your crazy quilting by hand or machine?

    Enjoy your snowy day. We are getting the most peaceful snow fall here today. Very beautiful.


  2. I think you are really clever with your scraps - you make such lovely blocks. I have never done crazy quilting ... but looking at yours almost gets to me :)

  3. Hi Shiela long time to stop by I have been as always busy and not very steady with blogging it's just whenever I get free time , it is cold and rainy over here,but no snow. I love you crazy blocks they are so busy and each one diff. did you design them on your own they just fit like a puzzle. I love the idea of sewing clothes for a change you are lucky to have a grandaughter you got a great reason, and for the quote it is very deep your right it needs to be read a couple of times maybe 3 for me LOL .xoxo theodora

  4. loving that crazy quilt......the decorative stitching is gorgeous Sheila.....I swear I am going to do one soon...if I can just get through the pile here right now....
    Thanks for the pics....

  5. Sheila your block looks great! I too have the same problem with mine but I am going to see how to somehow make them work togther.