Monday, January 17, 2011


These are the last two rows I recieved in theRow by Row Round Robin in 2008 , I love these two rows together , they look perfect and my husband asked if I would make them into a wall hanging for his office so that is what I did and I am really pleased with the outcome and so is he . The scene on the top called Resting by the Waters was done by my friend Wilma and the lower row with the log cabin blocks and the canoe with fish hanging over the side was done by my friend Marilyn both such unique rows that they deserved to be together ,I hope Wilma and Marilyn will be pleased .
Thanks for stopping by . Sheila
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  1. Oh that is so lovely and very nice that your husband wanted it for his office. It looks as though it would be perfect in an office setting.
    I really love this. Looks like a painting.


  2. Sheila, the wall hanging turned out wonder Bill wanted it for his office! And I' sure that Wilma and Marilyn will be thrilled with what you've done and that it will be hanging where it can be enjoyed everyday

  3. They do make a wonderful wall hanging. Good eye, Hubby!

  4. They do look wonderful together. Glad you were able to use them & that Bill wanted them for his office. Hugs,

  5. It's fantastic Sheila... Bill has excellent taste....