Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's a start and a finish

Oh happy day , Isaac's quilt is finished , all bound with label attached , a very good feeling .
Here it is all folded on top of Sophia's quilt  ready to be mailed off. Now sometimes it takes very little to amuse me but I have to say I thought this was rather neat the way the two dinosaurs lined up almost perfectly to form a two headed dinosaur .
The guy at the front seems to be looking back to see what is behind him , see I told you it takes very little to amuse me :-)
So that is my finish and this is my start , I spent the morning ironing and hand cutting these fabrics for Christophers quilt , it is nearly impossible to get a good cut with the rotary cutter when doing plaids or checks so I did these by hand where possible , they are still not perfect but won't look overly wonky . I think this will be perfect for him , very masculine . I am going to start sewing in a short while , I am expecting my hubby's aunt any minute , she wants me to hem a pair of pants for her so of course I will do that for her . Not my favorite kind of sewing anymore but when she asks I generally try to help her out , she is a sweet lady, she is 87 this year I believe and just amazing , sure hope I am as mobile at that age.
So there you have it , my day is set out before me , so I best get started :-0 Thanks for the visit and hope you get to do something creative today too.
hugs Sheila
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  1. Congrats on your finished quilt. Love the two headed dinosaur!!

  2. Good work on getting those two quilts finished - looking good. Love your two headed dinosaur. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  3. Yep, cute two-headed Dino. Life is a lot more fun when you're easily amused. As I am.

  4. What a nice feeling,eh...and they do line up; funny. That doesn't happen often....

  5. It is so fun to finish stuff and not have it hang over you...

  6. well done on your finish. The two quilts look wonderful.
    Lucky it wasn't a two headed t-rex!
    Happy hemming...

  7. Yep love that 2 head dinosaur. Had a good chuckle over it. :) Congrats on finishing the 2 quilts. Can't wait to see Christopher's. Hugs,

  8. That's wonderful that you have two quilts finished and ready to mailed! Woohoo!

    They look wonderful, Sheila. I know your grandkids will love them.

    I don't like hemming or altering clothes anymore either. But sometimes we do what we must :)

  9. Great finish... I find the two headed monster fun too... enjoy the hemming!! and the new quilt looks great too...

  10. Congrats!!!! That is the best feeling when you've finished a quilt! Just adorable.

  11. Well done Sheila....2 very lucky little people getting special quilts.

  12. Two people are going to be very excited soon! I love the dinosaur fabric that you found. I'm with you, I don't really like hemming. I had a pair of pants that have been waiting in my sewing room for, um, weeks, that I finally got around to hemming :-) There are so many other fun things to do!
    Have a great weekend, Sheila.

  13. Congrats on a wonderful finish and that is sure a cute 2 headed dinosaur, think you could do that again??

  14. Hi Sheila,
    wonderful coincidence with the two headed dino *lol*
    Your new project looks interesting, I´m looking forward to see the next steps.
    Thank you for linking to my giveaway, I wish you good luck ☺
    Liebe Grüße
    have a nice weekend!

  15. Your sense of humour echoes mine... it takes very little to amuse me too!! So nice to have a finish and you have two..