Thursday, July 4, 2013

How small is small ?

Have any of you noticed the challenge that has been set out on Temecula Quilt Co., the challenge is Summer Sewing and making one basket block each day for the month of July . I had printed off the pattern straight away since I love baskets but did not have time to start , however when I seen Darlene's adorable basket today on her blog that was the push I needed . I got busy and started cutting and then sewing and voila , my first basket .
Now how small is small ? This is small by my standards, it is only 2.5" , this is set on a 7" sqaure I have cut for some pinwheel blocks I am making  so now you can compare sizes , small isn't it but it was indeed fun to make . I would say this would really be a great lesson in accuracy , not easy to hold these tiny pieces and sew straight .
 Do you like adventures , I love them and last evening Bill and I set off on a little adventure up the side of a mountain , the road left lots to be desired as we climbed slowly and carefully over the rough terrain . The long climb was worth it , just look at the view below.
This was actually not the highest point in our trip but the best for photos as vegetation would prevent seeing much at the top . It was wonderful , a clear evening and lots of wildflowers around . This really intrigued me , I had to investigate closer when I seen these tiny pink blossoms close to the ground and when I walked over I was quite surprised that they were indeed wild roses.
I have never seen them grow so low ,notice what is beside them , coal . Then there were plenty of these brillant yellow flowers , I remember picking these for my Mom at the racetrack when I was a kid , just love that yellow!
I don't know the name of them but they were plentiful and very showy  .
This wild shrub which I think is mountain laurel but I really am not sure  was along the roadway and a lovely shade of pink .

We didn't venture too far into the woods are there are bears up there and as much as it would have been neat to see one I am ok with not seeing one too ;-)
 Has everyone who signed up for the postcard swap gotten a name and address other than Sunny and Jan ? Jan your email came back to me so please email me with your address , thanks !Please let me know if I missed you , thanks.
 Have a great day and thanks for stopping by , it sure is a hot one here today .
 hugs Sheila


  1. very sweet little block... sometimes they take as long to make as a bigger one!
    Lovely pictures - I do like that bright happy yellow flower...

  2. Those little ones are the difficult ones....great pics Sheila

  3. What a view! You'll have to take me there when I come to visit....

  4. that is one teeny basket!
    lovely scenery and flowers.

  5. Small, surely you jest? teensy, tiny, weeny, itty bitty all spring to mind,lol. Well done on feeding that scrappiness through your machine :)

    Gorgeous flowers :)

  6. Hi Sheila .... I think your flower is a blue corn flower ... I googled it.
    Some have sparse petals but are still gorgeous. I love the colour.