Monday, July 22, 2013

How was your weekend ?

 How was your weekend? I had a pretty good weekend , the weather was great for the most part and it was a perfect time to go for a picnic to one of our favorite spots at a provincial park beside Locheal  Lake . You know it is kind of sad that not many people take advantage of these wonderful parks to enjoy a meal outdoors and sit and relax and enjoy the surroundings . I love it and picnics are my favorite way to spend a summer day.
This is just below our picnic table , the water was a little wavy as there was a gentle breeze for which I was thankful as it keeps the mosquitoes away ;-)
Just up the road on Lochaber Lake I spotted these lilypads in bloom, aren't they gorgeous .
A little closer inspection , this was as close as I could get without actually wading in the water . Aren't the shape of the leaves pretty .
This is also Lochaber Lake , a beautiful area with lots of boaters , canoers etc.
Bill's cousin has a cottage on the lake and this is his cookhouse , wouldn't you love to own this , I would be cooking out here all summer . Very inviting for sure :-)

 Also on the weekend Bill and I went on a little adventure through the woods to the river and along the way I spotted this lovely patch of ferns , have I told you I love ferns , well I do :-) Our little adventure eventually brough us here to the river , it was worth the trek to see this .
and from the other angle
It was a lovely walk , a little rough in sections but I brought along a walking stick . Oh and at one point a deer cleared the path right in front of me , it must have been a buck as it gave quite a snort .
I am not sure what these little blooms are but they were very tiny and rather cute.
Then there is this trout pond , it is on the property that we took the walk through , I also love ponds especially when they are surrounded by cattails .
Since I last posted I have done a little sewing and made not one but two bags , would you like to see them ?
Using some of the same fabrics as the last bag and just sewing until I had enough to make the right size for a bag this is the result. I really love this one and I picked up that vintage tiny runner at the thrift store when looking for hankies , perfect for this bag ! Here is a closer look .
When you get me started on bags I don't know when to stop and going through my stash I came across this fabric that I knew I would just have to do something with now. I had borrowed a pattern from the guild library and it is called Coast to Coast Handbag by Vanilla House .
I had the handles on hand and they were the right shade for this fabric . I used a batik for the lining in the same shade of blue in the fabric , I love it.
I know this is getting a little picture heavy but I also want to share two postcards I made yesterday . I signed up for an exchange that requires you to use lime green and purple , I couldn't resist . My first attempt was this flower but I felt the purple looked more like blue .
but this one fit the theme well I thought, what do you think?
Fun to make but then I think I am hooked on postcards , what do you think?
Thanks for stopping by today and hope your day is a great one.
hugs Sheila


  1. I have officially made one postcard now, and I can't wait to make more! Yours are beautiful, and were a great motivation to me. I love picnics, too, unless it's too hot. THanks for taking us along on your walk, to see more of your pretty scenery.

  2. A summer picnic and walk sounds idyllic! Your bags are beautiful, I especially love the one with the doily, it goes perfectly. Lovely postcards too. xx

  3. Beautiful scenic views Sheila and your bags are awesome

  4. The scenic views are beautiful and there aren't many other people which is lovely. So are your postcards; so pretty.

  5. Love the photos of your trip - what a lovely place to spend time

  6. Those little blooms are called Indian Pipes!! Aren't they something?? Nice place to picnic. Yesterday was very windy up here in CB, but today was a 10!! Those bags are just beautiful! I have to go back and take another look.

  7. lovely spots you found in your walk... and so great to see you using preloved fabric in that bag... so pretty... and great postcards...

  8. What a beautiful spot for a picnic, glad you got out and enjoyed it!

  9. Looks like you had a great weekend Sheila. Lovely pictures..and I would love to have that beautiful stove...and your bags!!! Very very nice bags. I had 2 of our grandsons and their puppies for the weekend. We had a wonderful time....took them swimming at the beach...then to Mary's Point....a bird sanctuary and hiking trail...they played in the mud...the dogs stayed

  10. Beautiful photos! Love the one with the waterlilies.

    Your bags are gorgeous!

  11. those pics are awesome Sheila you live in such a pretty part of the world and boy those bags are gorgeous as is your 2 postcards,you are a very clever lady,well done Sheila.xx

  12. Sheila, your bags and postcards are gorgeous! You are just so talented! Love your photography too!

  13. Love your photos. The cottage is gorgeous. Two lovely bags and 2 sweet postcards. You have been busy. Hugs......

  14. Such a beautiful place and your sewing is as fabulous as ever.

  15. Such a beautiful place and your sewing is as fabulous as ever.

  16. Beautiful scenery! I love to picnic too!

  17. It looks like a gorgeous place for a picnic.

    Your bags and postcards are beautiful too.

  18. Looks like a beautiful place for a hike and picnic Sheila! I love that cookhouse, how fun and your purses are adorable!

  19. What a lovely way to spend the day! Thanks so much for sharing the photos, they brightened my morning which was just what I needed. Being outside with wonderful scenery to look at feeds the soul.
    I like the postcards, you do such a nice job.
    Enjoy your day,

  20. yes, I think you are hooked on postcards but it is ok because you make some really fun and pretty ones. Instant gratification too. :0)
    gorgeous nature photos. I do like the ferns too.

  21. Just beautiful pictures....lovely bags.

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