Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sunflowers to admire

I love sunflowers , they are such happy flowers , don't you agree, how can you not smile when you see one . Well I was smiling broadly when I opened my mailbox and inside was this delightful postcard from Peggy .
Isn't it adorable , a perfect choice Peggy I love it , thanks so much for swapping with me. Maybe you would like to see what I sent to Peggy , well we think alike .
Also a sunflower but a little different and it has arrived safely to Peggy and she was pleased. How has everyone enjoyed the swap,hopefully everyone has made and sent their cards by now and if I can figure out how to do it we could have a linky party early August once I know everyone has received their cards.
 Here are two sunflowers that are blooming in my garden at the moment , compliments of the birds.
and this beauty
I love this one , the color is gorgeous almost doesn't look real.
 On the subject of flowers , remember the wild rose I flower pounded , well it is now a postcard but you may not think it looks much like a rose anymore but it still looks like a flower at least.

I was going to color in the spaces but decided to leave it original in color. I hand stitched the center and did some french knots , kind of fun to do .
I had a request for two aprons from the lady who I made the Nova Scotia Tartan aprons for and this request was for bright cheery aprons so I hope these fit that description for her . 
She also wanted matching mug rugs so here they are.
I hope to deliver them to her today sometime. Not much sewing going on the past few days , none really as I have an inner ear problem which hopefully won't stick around too long , Thanks for stopping by and have a great day .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Sheila, I hope you get better soon. I know how much pain those inner ear infections cause. As usual you provide us with the best eye candy

  2. Hope the ear gets better soon. Ear infections are so painful..
    Love all the sunflowers both the postcards and real ones.
    Nice Rose post card too.
    What lovely aprons and rug mugs. I am sure the lady will love them.
    Received my gorgeous post card today and it would be great to have a linky party thanks Sheila.

  3. Oh, sunflowers were my Dad's favorites and he grew them along almost all hedge row - for the firds and wildlife to enjoy as much as him. Love the aprons and the post cards are all just gorgeous.

  4. I hope that inner ear thing doesn't last long. I have issue in the past with that. no fun.
    All the post cards are great and like you, I do love sunflowers. What beautiful ones you have growing.
    Those aprons and matching mug rugs are so cute.

  5. Love the sunflowers!
    I know quite a bit / all about ear problems; have been suffering from infections and deafness since the cradle (and that's a long long time ago, my (d)ear!
    Sending love and get well wishes!


  6. Hope you feel better soon - those sunflowers are so cheery. Must try this flower pounding - I love the postcard

  7. The sunflower mugrugs are gorgeous as are the real ones! Love the aprons and matching mugrugs, beautiful! Hope you have a speedy recovery, xx

  8. Funny that you both made cards with sunflowers and both so pretty. I forgot to plant sunflowers this year so it's nice to see some. The aprons and mugrugs are pretty. Feel better soon.

  9. Love all your cheery postcards and mugrugs! I sent my postcard last week, but haven't heard that it was received yet. In the meantime, I've committed to making two more! You, my dear, are a bad influence. LOL! Feel better.

  10. Sweet postcards! You and your partner were definitely on the same page.Your aprons are so sweet, and the mug rugs are adorable. Hope that inner ear problem goes away really soon! Your sewing machine will be too sad without you!

  11. Hope you get better soon. The sunflowers look great. Both postcards & real. The aprons & mug rugs look fabulous. Hugs,xx

  12. I agree, sunflowers are lovely and both the postcards are great.... how lovely to be asked to make the aprons and mug rugs... I'm sure she will be very pleased with them...

  13. I love the sunflowers, both the postcard and the real versions. How funny that you and your swap partner both chose to show the same flower.

  14. you two definitely were on the same wavelength! both postcards are wonderful.
    love the real sunflowers from your garden too.
    great matching aprons and mug rugs!
    hope you recover quickly.

  15. Such delightful sewing on show here and the sunflowers in your garden are very beautiful too.

  16. I'm glad you liked the postcard! I enjoyed making it! Lucky you to have your sunflowers blooming. Mine haven't started yet, not sure what type I planted. Your tea themed projects are right up my alley! I hope the receiver enjoys using them.

  17. First of all, I'm loving that sunflower postcard. It looks almost real!! I'm not surprised the apron lady requested more aprons, and the mug rugs you made to go with them are darling. Perfect combo!!A linky party sounds like a good idea!! I'll let you know as soon as I receive mine. It was great seeing you today. Feel better soon!!

  18. Hi Sheila, lovely to see the postcards that you and Sunny swapped - great minds think alike :-) It will be great to have a link party, mine is in the post still but I am hoping my partner will get it real soon. I hope by now your ear is feeling better and you are back to your (sewing) machine. That second sunflower photo does almost look surreal!