Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend adventures

Nova Scotia enjoyed some wonderful hot summer days over the weekend so Bill and I took advantage and headed to the Eastern Shore to catch some of the Atlantic Ocean breezes and here are just a few photos I took along the way .

By the time we reached the Eastern shore it was lunch time so we asked permission to use this area for a picnic ,what a perfect spot.
Here is Bill setting up our make shift table, there was actually a picnic table just outside of this shelter but we felt it would be more pleasant to sit here out of the suns rays . It was just beautiful , you could hear the water lapping under us and the smell of the salt water sure helps the appetite . I had made some salads and we had a sandwich and fresh fruit , a delightful lunch .

No you might find this rather wierd but I actually like visiting old graveyards with these incredible old stones.This one Nancy O' Leary came from Ireland and lived to be 81 . Then there was this one ...
It had several names  the first was Jane Roach , do you not wonder what type of life she had and the hardships she had to endure in this rugged terrain on the Eastern Shore ? I tend to paint a picture in my mind of the person which again is probably strange .
This little church was next to the graveyard and the doors were wide open so I just had to peak inside , isn't it just beautiful , not one soul around so not sure why the doors were open . It was an Anglican church and I think it was inWilson's Cove but not sure .
The lupins have started to fade in this area but on this shore they are in full bloom , this field was especially pretty with a wide variety of color.
I thought this was a neat shot, can't take credit for it though, Bill took this picture of the old fishing boat next to the fragrant wild roses that were blooming everywhere in great abundance. 
A close up of one of the roses , this one has several petals but I brought home a single petal rose and this is what I have done with it so far .

 I took each petal off and laid it carefully onto my pretreated cloth and taped it down then stamped it , now it doesn't look much like a rose anymore does it, but wish me luck in bringing this back to life with a little stitching , probably not today as I have other sewing that must be done but soon :-)
This barn is closer to home but was in our weekend travels so I thought I would share it as well, Isn't it lovely , it is quite a way off the road so I had to zoom some ,Love it!!!
 I hope your weekend was as much fun as mine , I love traveling to the ocean and breathing in that wonderful fresh sea air and admiring our lovely coast line. I will tell you that my weekend did not start out great , I wasn't going to post this but feel that my message may save someone else from the same incident . I was about to cook supper on the BQ on Friday evening , the tank had just been replaced , and when I went to turn on the burner it blew up in my face, yes my hair was burned and my face,neck and chest were scorched , I have no visual burns on my face but it feels like I had a very bad sunburn and my chest is really quite sore ,which is strange as I did have a tee shirt on which had a higher neckline . At any rate I am most fortunate, it could have been so much worse , it was very scary and I will be much more cautious using a BQ ,so please be careful , it happens so quickly and with so much force you really can't believe it . 
Thanks for stoppong by today and have a great day.
 hugs Sheila


  1. Wow, glad all is well, thanks for sharing. Great pictures of your little git away; sometimes those are the best :)

  2. That sounds a scary incident with the BBQ, so good that you are ok. Beautiful photos of your weekend, love the sea and roses. xx

  3. Lovely day out for you both. I do hope you are ok. Hugs,xx

  4. I do love your trips out and about... I also rather like wandering around old graveyards and wish to know their stories....
    Take care of your skin... it will be tender for a while....

  5. I loved coming to the shore with you! Thanks for sharing your sights, and smells of the ocean breeze. I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt. I'm afraid of gas BBQ's, and for good reason. THat's the DH's job!

  6. Lovely pics of the Eastern Shore.. makes me homesick for Nova Scotia... I too love old graveyards and wonder about the people And their lives.. I don't think it is strange at thanks for sharing your special weekend with us...

  7. such a beautiful post and such lovely pics Sheila all except the part where you got burned you were very lucky and i hope you heal quickly my friend.xx

  8. Thanks for taking us on your trip. It is nice to see where my blogging friends live.

  9. Sounds like a great weekend except getting burned. I hope u r better now.

  10. Sheila, hope you are on the mend. Such a frightening ordeal! Looks like you had a wonderful day...your pictures are always beautiful. Makes me want to do more traveling around Nova Scotia!

  11. I am glad that you weren't hurt any worse from the BBQ blowing up. That would be very scary. Looks like you had a great trip. I like to go through old cemeteries also and read the old headstones and wonder about peoples lives so I don't think you are weird.

  12. Is that a tablecloth that your hubby laid out? You pack a tablecloth with the lunch? I would never think of that. The photos are wonderful. I haven't gone for a Sunday drive in quite a while so, thank you. I'd love to see what you produce with the petal pounding.

  13. Love those fantastic pics and I'm the same with old gravestones. I too wonder what sort of life was led by the names on the headstones. I hope you have recovered from being burnt.
    Cheers, Anita.

  14. Beautiful pictures....and no I don't think you are weird.

  15. Love your pictures. You take such interesting drives.
    I am also very cautious around barbeques. They scare me. Glad you were not badly hurt.

  16. What a brilliant venue for your picnic!

    I love graveyards too - our gravestones seem to have a little more detail on about the deceased than yours which is fascinating.

    Hope you're not too frazzled from your BBQ ordeal, and that it hasn't put you off.

    Hope to see you at the Christmas QAL if you're free. :-)

  17. Sorry to hear about your accident Sheila - plesaed that it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Lovely photos on your trip to the sea, and a lovely spot to picnic at. I will be interested to see hoow your rose fabric turns out.

  18. whoa! Sheila that must have been scary. So glad to hear you were hurt too badly.
    Your photos are just fabulous. Maybe you should make some notecards like Karen of KaHolly.