Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vintage Apron Pattern

I thought I would share this vintage pattern I picked up at that yard sale as well , it was in a box with lots of patterns at one price for the whole lot but the rest of the patterns didn't interest me at all so I asked if I could buy just this one and again it was the low price of $.25 . I was excited to find this as I love these old aprons and I plan on making a few as gifts . The first one I want to make is the one in the upper right hand corner that they describe as a "Coverall apron with carry-all pockets ". As you can see the original price was just $.35 much cheaper than todays patterns .I wonder what year this is ??
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  1. So cool! Looks like late 50's, early 60's to me... Any later into the 60's and I'd think the colors and flowers would look different. Great find! Can't wait to see your finished one! :)
    Thank you for your SWEEEET thoughts on my blog. XO

  2. Very cool, really like the coverall :)

  3. Cool find Sheila. Love those aprons myself. I agree with Sandra about the era the pattern comes from. Hugs, Jeanette

  4. That is a really great pattern, Sheila. I can't wait to see your finished one...I know you're going to pick some great fabrics from which to make it!
    And how cool is it that you paid less than the original price! :o)



  5. I love vintage patterns. I have a whole box my Nana found somewhere. I would date your apron in the 50's. There should be a year on the pattern. Look on the back of the envelope in tiny writing near the edge. If there is no date there, look on the pattern sheet. I just googled for you and find it dated as 57 in one place and 58 in another. HTH

  6. your apron is about as old as I am :-) so reaaaaallllyyyyy vintage ;-)