Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vintage Apron

Here you have it the vintage apron is now completed . It is a rather large apron and is meant to fit almost anyone I believe just by adjusting the tie around the waist , the shoulders actually sit lower almost like sleeves with a broad neckline , it would have been nice to have some reproduction prints to make this but the fabric I chose is definetly not new , I bought it some time ago at a country auction , the lady had obviously sewn a lot as there was boxes and boxes of fabric ,you probably can't see the fabric well , it has strawberries on it so I figured it was suitable for an apron . As you can see from an earlier post this is a Butterick pattern No. 8336 and I believe Ginger is correct that it is likely a 1957 -58 .Thanks for googling that for me Ginger .
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  1. I remember my Grandy (Grandmother) wearing a very similar apron when I was a child :)

  2. Great apron. My mother wore them. I reminds me of "I love Lucy". I never wear aprons but if I did I would have one like this.

  3. cute apron.
    I am looking forward to seeing your crazy quilt block this week.

  4. You made it!!!!!! Your apron looks so wonderful! It's very user friendly. Love that pattern. XO