Sunday, September 12, 2010

Now this is Cooperation

I think the world would be so much better if we could all get along as well as these finches do , isn't this just the perfect picture of cooperation , I have at times counted as many as 15 on this one feeder , can't say much for the other niger seed feeder beside it , it is full yet they don't want to use it ,strange indeed . The finches are now all turned to their winter plummage of dull gray with just a few left with some of the bright yellow still showing through . I so enjoy watching the birds and it wasn't easy to get this picture as they move at the slightest movement from us ,this feeder is just outside our patio door so we watch them from our dining room table and it is a special treat :-)
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  1. I love watching the finches! Sometimes ours will stay at the feeder when I go out to sit on the deck. :0)

  2. Too true - we can learn a lot from nature...

  3. I noticed just the other day that the Goldfinches are starting to get their winter feathers...makes me so sad to see Summer leaving. I love the Fall, but not what comes after it - Winter! That's a great photo of the finches on your feeder...they are like that on mine, too!