Monday, October 11, 2010

A few more

It seems that blogger will only allow four at a time so I have two more to add and will do so in a few moments.

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  1. Again, very beautiful shots. I love the sea in stormy weather.

  2. What beautiful photos! They make me wish I was there! :0)

  3. Hey Sheila! I know I'm on a blogging break, but just had to comment on your photos! These are absolutely breathtaking - I would love to see this country in person! And these will make absolutely beautiful quilted landscapes!

    Just FYI - Blogger only lets you upload 5 photos at a time. But once you have the first 5 uploaded into your draft post, you can hit the little "photo" thingy again and go back and add 5 more, and so on until you have loaded all the photos you want into that particular post. At least that's how I do it!

    Have a great day!



  4. More lovely shots.

    I see Cyndi has given you a tip about the photo's - sometimes what I do is email them to my blogger - saves time waiting for each one to download....