Friday, August 26, 2011

On with the Show

Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable , you might like to make yourself a cuppa or a tall glass of cool lemonade and a snack or two as I have quite a few photos to share . This quilt show took place in a church in a neighboring town ,it is common for churches to host quilt shows in this area as a fund raiser and I am so glad they do as I never tire of seeing quilts so on with the show and I hope you enjoy my photos.
This gives you an idea of how they display the quilts on the church pews and this is not a small church so there are a lot of quilts on display ,more than they had last year and also they are all for sale . In this church it is not a stipulation that they are all handquilted so you do see some machine quilted work by some talented machine quilters .
As many of you will know by now I love scrappy quilts so this one took my eye , just love it!!
Another scrappy one .

Another star quilt , I do love star blocks .
This is a lovely sampler quilt is soft colors .
Lots of movement in this quilt .
 I took this picture for those purple lovers out there .
 I was a little surprised to  see this one for sale as it is an antique cathedral windows , how can they sell it , it is lovely.
A simple nine patch with gorgeous machine quilting.
Isn't this Mother Goose quilt adorable !
A simple design with a rather interesting border .
I wanted to call this lady and ask her if she wants to sew my hexies together and make me a quilt like this , I know all those One Flower Wednesday gals will love this one , makes you want to make more right!
Loved the addition of applique in the corners of this beauty .
I loved the quilting in this one too , sure wish I could do that :-)

I won't push my luck , this is the last one for now , another great scrappy quilt , why am I so taken by scrappy , well probably because I have so many  ;-) I hope you enjoyed this little show and I do have one more show to share which is a local quilt guild but that is for another day . Hope you have a terrific Friday .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Loved the show...the one that stuck out the most was the Mother goose one...all of them were awesome...

  2. thanks for sharing such beautiful quilts with us. They are all gorgeous.

  3. Such gorgeous quilts. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Lovely quilts - thanks for showing them.. the scrappy ones caught my eye too..

  5. Wonderful quilts! Thanks for sharing the show :)

  6. Those are some awesome quilts! I always love a beautiful cathedral windows quilt and that one is just beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing these goodies with us!

  7. Love the way they display the quilts! You get to see them upclose this way! Thanks for all the photos and please keep them coming!! Happy sewing, hugs, Daniëlle

  8. Dear Sheila,
    thank you for sharing. Wonderful pictures, lovely quilts and a beautiful place to show them, the first picture impresses me.
    liebe Grüße

  9. All so beautiful. Thanks Sheila. Thanks for the purple quilt. :) lol The Mother Goose quilt is by an Aussie designer. Hugs,

  10. All the quilts are beautiful. Such a variety. I love the sampler in the soft colours.

  11. I just loved the Cathedral windows quilt... I am with you, how on earth can they sell it?? Thankyou so much Sheila. Will never get tired of quilt show photos..xx

  12. Could you feel someone looking over your shoulder? That would be Me! There were lots of lovely quilts there. I love scrap quilts too. I have actually made the design in the first quilt shown.Amazing for 'she who does not piece'. Lol!
    Enjoyed my tour Sheila. Thank you.

  13. Great quilt show and what a unique way to display them.

  14. whow what a wonderful lot of quilts Sheila,and what a great way of displaying them

  15. Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us. So many wonderful quilts for sale, if would be hard to just pick one to buy!