Saturday, August 27, 2011

Three more postcards

One of these postcards will be heading off to my partner in the postcard exchange but I won't say which one but my plan is to get this mailed the first of the week so I will have that off my list of things needing doing . There are six participants in the swap, I had hoped for more but six is better than none and I do hope everyone has fun with this .
I have made these two landscape postcards and then I had this paper pieced sewing machine that I made many moons ago and it is far from perfect but was about the right size for a postcard so I got that ready as well . You see most anything will work . I think I will just surprise someone with this one . If anyone else would like to exchange a postcard please let me know as you will still have plenty of time to make one postcard and send it off .
We are now bracing for Hurricane Irene, it will probably not make it to Nova Scotia until tomorrow sometime and hopefully by that time it will be downgraded to a tropical storm and not do too much damage in its path . My prayers are with New York in particular as I was watching CNN last night it sounds like it is really going to do some damage there . All those on the East Coast stay safe and take care and I hope the storm is not as destructive as they think it will be .
Blessings ,

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  1. I LoVe the sewing machine! It's a wonderful postcard to send to one lucky swapper. I just wish I was at home so I coud have played along.
    Oh well... perhaps next time!

  2. They are all beautiful, love the landscape ones the best!

  3. Love the cards, Sheial! So just to be straight, our landscape can be anything outdoors? Like simply flowers or something?

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Lovely cards Sheila.... I think I did say I am joining? if not please make sure I am on the list ....
    Stay safe...

  5. Sheila, I am going to have a go.. please put me on the list..
    I do so love the new header on your blog.. perhaps one day I might get to see it in person but this is the next best thing!
    Hope you all stay safe and hope the hurricane leaves you all

  6. The little landscapes look lovely. I might have to try this style.

  7. Your postcards look great! I love the sewing machine! :0)

  8. just wanted to say that I hope you all are safe during this hurricain.
    your post cards look great
    take care

  9. is it to late to get on the list for the postcard exchange. if not could I be added and what are the guide lines for the exchange.

  10. Great post cards. We did an exchange in our guild once.
    Hope you are safe and sound.

  11. Great post card, Sheila!! I hope Irene doesn't cause you any damage or flooding.

  12. I hope all is well after Irene's visit. Excellent postcards!!!