Monday, August 29, 2011

What's new on my design wall ?

I can't give away too much here as this is going to be a gift but I have started a quilt and it consists of these two style blocks , I am doing it mostly in reproduction prints and a couple of small prints as I didn't have quite enough variety in the reproduction prints I had.Thank you to  Cyndi of Blue Bird Wings for these sweet prints , she sent them to me a long time ago and I have had this project in my mind but just never got around to doing it , you know what I mean don't you ;-0 It is fun working with these delightful prints , reminds me of my childhood , oh dear I am giving away my age here aren't I , but seriously I remember my Mom making us dresses with similar prints as well as aprons , a requirement in our house . Must get back to the ironing board , oh before I go a little tip for you , somewhere I read this great tip but do not remember where ,however it sure is a good one. What is the tip you ask , well craft foam , yes that cheap stuff you can buy at the dollar store is absolutely perfect to have beside your sewing machine and when you are making blocks set them up the way they need to be sewn on the foam and you will find they do not slip and slide and won't fall on the floor either , it really works !So head on out to a craft store or the dollar store and buy a package and set one beside your machine , you won't be sorry.
Oh by the way Irene swept through without any damage , infact we had some rain and lots of wind but nothing too much to handle , the winds continued all day today but the sun was shining so nothing to complain about and I am thankful this storm is now history.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.
hugs Sheila
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  1. Great looking blocks Sheila! I have some of the foam core boards with batting on them for mini design boards.

  2. Very pretty colours... I love having a smallish board next to the machine for blocks.... mine is felt... never thought of using that foam board... glad Irene passed by...

  3. That's going to be a sweet quilt. I love those fabrics!!

    Thanks for the tip on the craft foam:)

  4. Glad you didn't substain any damage from Irene. Cyndi is the best!!

  5. Such pretty blocks. Be a beautiful quilt. I'm sure my Mum made us girls dresses using similar prints/fabrics. Glad to hear Irene didn't hassle you too much. Hugs,

  6. Pretty blocks! I hope we'll get to see the entire quilt someday. Thanks for the tip on the foam.

  7. So glad you got through Irene unscathed. I was worried about you. That craft foam tip is a great one. Hugs.