Monday, August 22, 2011

Ready for a show ?

I have a few quilt shows to share but will start with a small show at a local church  , this little church has been having a quilt show and sale for at least 25 years as a fund raiser for the church and it is always a pleasure to see , small but quaint .  Here is how they display the quilts , perhaps not the best for viewing but as I said space is limited in the church hall , however the ladies are very accomodating and will take any quilt you ask for and spread it out onto the bed they have for that purpose so you get to see it open fully so you can appreciate the work so much better . One thing to note all quilts here are hand quilted and all for sale , none are permitted if machine quilted ,I am sure over the years that will change but for now that is the rule . Each person who adds a quilt to the show pays a nominal fee and then if their quilt sells they also pay a nominal percentage to the ladies of the church a win win situation . I don't think I took pictures but there are other smaller items also for sale and a few hooked rugs as well .Ok on with the show.
Here we have a lovely sampler quilt , there is just something special about samplers and this was beautifully quilted .

I loved the colors in this one , it would make a lovely fall quilt , simple design but so effective .
 There were a few small crazy quilts and not to be mean but the price was crazy too , I think this one was $900 and it is not even a lap size but oh it is pretty .
Another crazy quilt and I will show one more all by the same lady and all rather pricey . The outside border is velvet on this one , pretty for sure .
The final crazy quilt , it is nice but not quite as pretty as the other two in my humble opinion but of course that is in the eye of the beholder isn't it .
 This quilt was eyed by my granddaughter Alyssa and she asked that it be placed on the bed and I must admit that once on the bed I was totally in awe , I know for certain the picture does not do this justice at all it truly is magnificent with more detail than any quilt I have seen in a very long time . I want to share a few close ups of the blocks as the little additions of embroidery that you might not see without a close up is well worth showing . I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did viewing this quilt.
Here we have a robin at her nest surrounded by flowers , oh everything is hand appliqued .
The best way to see a skunk ,note the little spiders or ants crawling along and the cute turtle investigating the skunk , too cute.
A squirrel gathering nuts for winter and the little mouse checking things out as well .
For the bunny fans out there this is so sweet , just love this block .
This is part of the border where there are lots of flowers appliqued and little spiders , frogs and bees etc. Such detail , incredible really  , it must have taken a very long time to complete this quilt.
Finally I will close with this one which is of the top of the quilt , aren't these birds gorgeous as they are enjoying a treat of some berries , there are flowers appliqued in yet another border above this and I could show you more but I think perhaps I have shown you enough for you to appreciate the work that went into the making of this quilt , I love it because I love animals and birds and also because the fabrics chosen are perfect for each element where they were used , I do wonder if perhaps this was a kit but whoever did the fabric choices really has a knack for getting the right one for the right place . 
So that's it for today's show , I know I concentrated on this woodland quilt but I just had to share it and hope you like it too,later on this week I will give you a few photos of another show I attended .
 As a closing I am wondering if there are any others interested in taking part in the postcard exchange , the cards do not have to be mailed out until the 21st of Sept so lots of time to get this small project complete , please let me know , thanks .
 Enjoy your day .
 Hugs Sheila


  1. That woodlands quilt is unbelieveable!! Do you know how much it sold for? I just love all the beautiful quilts at shows. thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photo's Sheila. Love that one you said would make a great Fall quilt & also the woodland one. So beautiful. Hugs,

  3. Very nice quilts Sheila...I have to agree with your granddaughter on this. that is a beautiful woodland quilt....I wouldn't mind having that one myself....

  4. Alyssa has good taste.. isn't it lovely... and thanks for showing us the close ups.... I am so in admiration of hand quilting... gives sucha lovely look....

  5. Oh, I will definitely be back to browse through this post. Maybe tomorrow with my morning coffee. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Another lovely field trip with you Sheila. Beautiful quilts and I loved seeing all the detail in the applique 'woodland' quilt being partial to applique and all.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Sheila I really loved your quilt show.. thankyou for sharing them with us.. I don't know how anyone could sell them after all that work though..

  8. What a great quilt show! All hand quilted? That's a lot of time....

    I think my favorite is the fall one-the browns and blues just call to me.

  9. wow, the woodlandquilt is so. beautiful, so many lovely details. I just can´t understand how anyone want to sell this quilt...
    Thak you very much for the quiltshow, I enjoy every single one you shows ☺
    liebe Grüße