Monday, August 8, 2011

Where to begin

I honestly don't know where to begin this post , I have been so busy this past while that blogging has taken a back seat and even visiting other blogs has been sporadic at best ,I am hoping that things have calmed down somewhat in my life now and I may be able to keep up just a tad better but don't quote me on that . Our son Rob is still in the province with the Musical Ride so until he leaves for home we will try our best to see him a few more times .He is presently at the other end of this fine province so much too far to travel but will be returning closer next week .
I had a really great visit with his daughters (our granddaughters ) and his wife for the three weeks they were here and we really miss them now , the house sure seems empty . I didn't have time to share the fun things we did together but they included going to the beach ,  baking including making bread , I did take a picture of that venture which I might share later on , they had a blast with that dough and the bread was great , we also did a little stitching , I taught them to make hexie flowers , they sure enjoyed that and went home with fabrics to make more :-0 I also taught the girls to make postcards which I will share now as I was so proud of them , they decided on their own what they wanted their cards  to look like and for Alyssa it was a landscape  which you can see on the left hand side of this photo , she chose the fabrics to make it look like a sunset and did all the stitching except the outer boarder which I completed for her, fantastic job I thought  . Then Caitlin designed this great card with things she loves , first off she is a happy child so the happy face is appropriate , the heart is also appropriate as she is a very loving person , the music notes , well they both love music and are very talented in that area and the symbol in the right hand corner to show that she has some Chinese heritage , a definite original card and I was so proud of her for her creativity . I enjoyed this little teaching lesson probably more than they did , it was truly a dream come true for me to share my knowledge of sewing with them as well as their mother .I think we have some future quilters on hand :-)
 Talking about landscapes i am thinking that I will do a little tutorial on making them , not that I am any expert but I will show how I go about the process and I have a little idea that I would like to share . Is there any interest in having a postcard swap , I would coordinate names and give you a partner to swap with , this will not officially take place until Sept. but I would like to know if there is any interest and in the mean time I will do that tutorial and it might just peak your interest , they re really fun and fast to make and can be anything your heart desires as Caitlin and Alyssa so easily have shown . Let me know if you are interested so I can make the necessary plans . Thanks and I guess I best get going for now .Enjoy your day , it is a wet one here , I think I am growing web feet ;-)
 hugs Sheila


  1. Hi there, my friend! I have missed you greatly but knew you were having a wonderful time with your granddaughters, son, and DIL, so I haven't written you lately. Both of the postcards your girls made are just wonderful....they sure have a lot of creativity and you are a good teacher! I hope that it won't be so long before you get to visit with them again!

    I will be looking forward to your tutorial. If I think that I can handle it, then I just might be interested in your postcard swap! :o) Oh, and could you send some of that rain our way...we need it desperately!

    Have a great day, and I'll write soon!



  2. Hi Sheila! I have missed blogging too but am trying hard to get back into it.
    Don't worry about not blogging. The summer months bring so many other wonderful things into our lives.
    So what exactly is the postcard swap? Is this with stitching? I might be interested so I will keep updated about this.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer. It will be gone soon :(


  3. worries. We have all been the same this summer...I am so busy; I don't know where to start And can't wait for your tutorial...would love it.
    Thank you

  4. Hello Sheila, I am soo happy you had such a great visit with your family. The girls are showing that "Sheila" magic in their stitcheries. You are a great "GAMMIE". I would be interested in the postcard swap also. Lets get our "tea date" soon. Lov: Dianne.

  5. Looking forward to your tutorial. Welcome back!

  6. Hello Sheila,
    good to hear from you again, I´m glad that you have had such great time with your dear ones, that is much more important than to blog ;o) Your garndaughters have made so very nice postcards. Even if I don´t sew postcards, I´m looking forward to see how you are sewing them.
    Liebe Grüße

  7. The postcards the girls made are great. Well done to them. So glad the visit was wonderful for you all. Hugs,

  8. How wonderful to be making such special memories for your grandies... and I love the postcards they made... I hope they join in the swap???? I would love to see a tutorial... I recently made one but I just 'winged it' and would love some tips from someone who has done lots.... and of course I will definitely be interested in a swap... I'm sorry there is not a 'group' here....

  9. Glad you had a great time with your family. Looking forward to your tutorial.

  10. Hi Sheila, been thinking of you enjoying time with your family... lovely to hear how things went.. Would love you to do a postcard tutorial, then I would have to see how much time I had for a swap..
    Have a lovely week...

  11. Oh Sheila, I'd be interested in your tut too! Perhaps even the swap! Of course it all depends on WHEN!... but I'd be interested if I'm back home!
    Cheers :)

  12. I love making postcards and would love to join the swap.