Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesdays Treasures

I promised last week to show you the camera we had bought on the white elephant sale in the Annapolis Valley so I thought it appropriate to share it for Tuesdays Treasures as I really think this is special and hope we can find film to try this out . I know it is possible as I have googled information on the camera and actually seen film that was made as recently as July of this year but getting it around here might be not be possible but perhaps on line. So here is our new to us Canon Reflex Zoom 8-3 in what I would say is mint condition , even the leather case is really great and I found it interesting to have this tag attached to the strap to show this has travelled to England on the Bibby Line which I also googled and found it was a shipping line and this lady was  a passenger .There are also lens caps with different filters for picture taking , I was extra happy the manual was still in tact and in the camera case .You can see on the handle a place for a tripod which would probably be a wise thing to use as this is heavy all metal not like the cameras today .I'll let you know if I ever find film for it but even if we never do it is a neat thing to own  and our middle son Roger loves old cameras so I know he would be thrilled to own it  ;-0 Thanks to Melody for being our weekly hostess for Tuesdays Treasures and to see more treasures or to join in and show us a treasure you have be sure to stop by and visit Melody of The house on the Side of the Hill . Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day. Hugs Sheila


  1. Great find... I forgot about the need for film... how quickly we adapt to the digital age.... I have to say I do like the box it came in!!! could hold a bunch of fat quarters!!

  2. Great treasure Sheila. Wouldn't it be exciting if there was some used film.

  3. Looks like some fun times ahead Sheila. Cheers Kaylee