Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's on my design wall ?

I have decided to join Sunny of Quilting Dreams in a Stay at Home Round Robin. My dilema was to decide what block to make .Hmmmmmm , I love baskets and flowers so my first choice was a basket block but alas I did not like the flowers or perhaps the fabric so onto block two and I flipped through numerous quilt magazines , yes I do have a few and I came across a great block that I felt was perfect with Fall just around the corner and since I love fall colours this spoke to me and I went with it .
 So here is my oak leaf block , I love oak trees so this is perfect but what did I do with the basket you ask , oh this gal is not one to waste much of anything so as I was putting away the flowers I had cut I came across some flowers I know I had fused together years earlier , I mean years and it was like magic , I placed them on top of the basket that had yet to be appliqued and I loved the result so I immediately commenced hand appliqueing the basket since that is how it was cut out and then ironed on the flowers and machine appliqed them down and this is the result and I love it . However I still think for the RR    I will go with the oak leaves and just maybe add a little something to the basket to make it larger , what do you think ? Any suggestions ? When I placed this on the design wall it didn't show up so I added the dark fabric behind it so you could see it a little better . You know it has been so long I have absolutely no idea what those flowers first started out to be used for but I am happy they didn't get used .
 I am sure if you are interested Sunny would be happy to have you join in on the fun .
 Before I go I wonder if anyone can give me some guidance with blogger , I have changed my header but would like it to be smaller . Oh to be computer literate , I would really appreciate any help you can give me ,I'm trying to learn how to do this but it is all so foreign to me ,thanks
Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by I love to have you visit . hugs Sheila


  1. Hello Sheila,

    Both of your blocks are quite nice. I'm with you, I want to make a fall quilt soon as I want the weather to cool off!

    Enjoy your week,

  2. Those are some gorgeous blocks! Love them!!

    On your header...have you tried shrinking it to fit when you upload it? I believe there is an option for that. If I think of anything else, I'll get back with you.

  3. Beautiful blocks.I love the oak leaf one.

  4. The blocks are both lovely. I do love the oak leaf though. Something about it catches the eye. You have to shrink the photo's before adding them to blogger. There should have been an option button there when you added the photo. Hugs,

  5. both your blocks are lovely... I'm so glad those flowers finally found a 'home'.... I like the size of your picture..... maybe you have already shrunk to fit?
    I cropped my picture first so it was long and thin...

  6. Ooh, I love those oak leaves!! It will be fun to see how you add on to it. Of course, you know I love the basket too.

  7. The oak leaves are a perfect choice for the RR. And I think that adding anything in the way of fabric shapes to the basket would be too much and make it look too busy and contrived like an afterthought. Have you considered adding some embroidery (maybe flower and leaf shapes) to add a subtle touch to the background of the block? Or perhaps when you quilt it, quilt shapes into the background?

  8. Your blocks look great! I see you already have several suggestions about your header photo. It looks like you need to make your left sidebar wider. That should move the left margin of your middle section to the right, which should solve the problem. Maybe! LOL

  9. I love both your blocks but the Oak Leaves" are my favorite.