Sunday, September 4, 2011

A fun day yesterday :-)

I will start this post with a quick little story , as a child my parents took us every year to Prince Edward Island for two weeks of camping at either Brackley Beach or Stanhope ,those memories are wonderful , I absolutely love PEI and you will laugh at this but I use to say to my parents when I grow up I want to marry a farmer and live in PEI , well I neither married a farmer nor do I live in PEI but I am close to the island so at least I can visit once in a while .Oh and I did marry a great man even if he isn't a farmer :-) So... yesterday was my lucky day , we packed a picnic and headed for the ferry ,it was a foggy morning but we hoped it would burn off quickly and the sun was shining by the time we reached the ferry however things changed once out on the water and the fog horn blew constantly much to the dismay of small children and dogs aboard . It did clear by the time we reached PEI shores and a beautiful sunny day welcomed us . So our first destination was here , the farmers market in Charlottetown , it had been a number of years since we had attended the market and it sure has grown to a bustling busy place with so many interesting things to see . So what did I see ,well I will share just a few pictures I took inside . The picture on the right is the outside of the market and as you can see there are lots of people but nothing compared to what it was like inside .
Just look at those gorgeous gladiolas and those huge carrots and to the left you will see a sheepskin for sale , many years ago we bought two here at this market and they are still great.

This young lady was selling fresh lettuce , the bags contained a variety of different types of greens and even included some nasturtiums so I bought a bag and we enjoyed it with our salad . She was also selling some hand made items as well as other things. The little child there doesn't look too happy , probably bored .
Now this young lady had several gorgeous quilted wall hangings for sale , so unique and her own designs and she told me she does these on a 40 year old White sewing machine , just incredible . Aren't the colors vibrant. I'll show you one more of her work as I am sure you will love it as well.
 What do you think , she has talent doesn't she !
I really enjoyed our time at the market I could show you more photos of what was for sale but I would rather share a little of the island with you , after all it is beautiful too. There is a peace and tranquility about PEI , the rolling hills and farm land and then the ocean and beaches to make this a tourist paradise ,I just know you want to see some pictures right ,good as I have some great photos to share.
 I wonder how many of you can guess where this picture is taken , oh I bet you can guess straight off .

Oh I heard you , yes you are right this is the famous home of Anne of Green Gables , we stopped there and had a stroll around the property ,I love those books so this brought back wonderful memories..
Now it wouldn't be PEI if I didn't share some of the eroding red cliffs along the shore , I just barely captured the sailboat as it was sailing by the cliffs .PEI is famous for its red mud , the soil is used for growing potatoes as well as lots of other produce as it is such a rich soil .
The most famous beach in PEI is Cavenish which we did not stop at but there are several other gorgeous sandy beaches to see and enjoy , I believe this one was Rustico , there were a few people in the water , it was around 24 C so I would think the water would be a comfortable temperature with the sun having warmed the waters all summer .
I love the beaches of the island but to tell you the truth this is my favorite part , the rolling hills of different colors of green and sometimes gold you see everywhere , simply gorgeous , looks like a patchwork quilt don't you think .
 Well I hope you enjoyed a short trip to Canada's smallest but one of the most beautiful provinces , believe me there is so much to see and do on this small island ,if you ever have the opportunity to visit be sure you do, you won't be sorry .

 Thanks for the visit , hope you enjoyed your stay .
 Hugs Sheila


  1. My hubby has been to PEI, but I haven't, so we hope to get there some day. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.

  2. What a fun day you had! Thanks for sharing. When the children get older I want to visit Canada for our vacation.

  3. Looks like you had a great day out. I'm a bit jealous you got to go to Anne Of Green Gables house. :) lol. Maybe one day. sigh. Thanks for sharing your day out. Hugs,

  4. Thanks for sharing your day out with us.. it was such a lot of fun.... I loved Anne of Green Gables

  5. You have truly made my heart glad Sheila. I am a huge fan of the "Anne" books and have always wanted to visit PEI. This is one tour I have drooled over. Thank you so much and I am so jealous that you live close enough for picnics.

  6. I just love the beaches & shoreline pictures. Those quilts are beautiful too. It really takes an artist to do those! What an awesome trip...thanks for sharing it.

  7. What a wonderful day. I can see by your lovely photos why you like it so much.

  8. What I wonderful place. I ell in love with the 'Anne' books too.

  9. My goodness I remember watching Anne of Green Gables on the television a long time ago and I loved it. I've not read the books though.
    Prince Edward Island looks and sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Oh and I have become a follower as well.

  10. Drool. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day. I've made it as far as New Brunswick and certainly have Nova Scotia and PEI on my wish list.

  11. Sheila, that was fantastic.. I really loved your recollections of childhood too!! Beautiful photos..

  12. Beautiful photos of the island! The quilting done by that young lady is really neat!

  13. Oh Sheila, you have shared so many wonderful things with us today! I love everything about PEI that I have seen here on your blog. I am definitely going to go there some day! And believe it or not, I have never read Anne of Green Gables...and didn't know that it was a real place! How exciting. Maybe that will be a new project for me, to read those books!

    I think that photo of the red cliffs with the beach and the sailboat would make a wonderful fabric postcard! It's a fantastic photo!

    Thanks so much for sharing...I enjoyed your trip! :o)