Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hexie Flower plan

Two posts in one day , oh well I did promise an update as to what my plans are for the hexie flowers and I think I have it . I know for certain I have more than enough flowers for this plan so lets see if it works out.

I know it is probably difficult to even see the background fabric on the design wall but you will get the general idea , I loved this basket block that I played around with last week, you can see that here  and I had been looking for a good size basket and even tried to draw one out that I liked but couldn't seem to get it quite right until I came across this one ,sorry can't remember which magazine I found it in . I hand appliqued this last evening and I like the outcome except I am wondering if I should add leaves , what do you think? It would mean taking out some of my stitching but if it would look better I am willing.
  Remember also the other day I was talking about flower pounding , well I wasn't pounding flowers I was pounding leaves , I learned real fast that some leaves have a lot of moisture in them and they don't pound real well and some come out completely different colors than you expect but this was all in fun and I was enjoying the process . So what was I planning on making with my pounded leaves you ask , well a postcard , I am in a postcard swap with another online group and the theme is leaves , she suggested we use real leaves so this was my solution to this challenge and here is the result . The large leaf in the center is of course a maple leaf and I pounded it then traced around the image to make it clear enough to do some free motion stitching then I painted it with some oil sticks , another first for me .The colors all over the card are various leaves that have been pounded onto the treated fabric and I then just did some free motion leaves on both sides , not that great as it is difficult for me to do it on this small space but it's not bad for a first attempt .
What else did I do today , well I love sunflowers and I had this fabric with these two large sunflowers that just spoke to me to use them on a teatowel for decorating for the fall , yes it is coming and quicker than I had hoped . I just put some heat and bond on the back and stitched around and voila a sweet little towel to decorate my kitchen .
 Hope you are enjoying your day , it is raining and dreary here but a great day for sewing .
 Thanks for stopping by , hugs


  1. love, love your basket & yes from me on a few leaves or green swirls coming from the basket. The tea towel is soo cute Sheila. Working on my post card today. Blessings : Dianne.

  2. Love your hexie plan.. and what a cute idea for fussy cutting/towels. I am working on a plan for my hexies too. I only have 4 so far though.. must keep working!

  3. I just love what you are doing over there, those sunflowers are just awesome!

  4. Love the basket idea... I think some leaves and tendrils would add to it... but needn't be applique... I think some stem stitch outlines would be effective..... love the pounding postcard... very clever and sunflowers are just such happy flowers...

  5. Love your basket and the towel, well that is a work of art!

  6. The basket/hexie idea is fabulous. Love it. The postcard is great. The teatowel is beautiful. Too good to use. :) Hugs,

  7. Your hexagon plan looks great! I like your tea towel too.