Monday, September 5, 2011

Tuesdays Treasures

Continuing along with my theme from Sunday my treasure for today is Prince Edward Island , I will share a few more photos I took on the weekend .As I said the island has many wonderful memories and I think I have been there every year since I was a very young girl and when I go it is like returning home . This picture is of Anne of Green Gables as you are approaching the farm., the grounds are very well maintained.

Here I am with my little camera in hand , I was about to take a picture of the flowers in Anne's garden when Bill took this picture of me ,
I see the possiblity of a landscape quilt here or even a postcard ,hmm .
Another shoreline shot!

A lovely shop in New Glasgow , lots of interesting teapots and teacups inside as well as a large variety of preserves .
It is difficult to get a decent shot of this but this is Hunter River a sweet little village and do you see that Hill well that is probably about the highest one around those parts , the island does not have very high terrain just gentle rolling hills and lots of farm land.
 I love the colors in this one, another possible landscape .
As you can see there are plenty of sandy beaches and in this case you could have it all to yourself .Yes Prince Edward Island is a treasure to me and I hope you enjoyed this mini tour to Anne's Island Home . To see and enjoy more treasures be sure to hop on over and visit with Melody of The House on the Side of the Hill
 Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit and I hope you will return real soon ,I promise the next time it will be sewing related :-)
hugs Sheila
ps. Since I am off early in the morning I am going to post this on Monday .


  1. Sheila, lovely to see a photo of you! There are a lot of postcard opportunities in your photos!!
    Thankyou for sharing all those lovely photos, I really enjoyed them..

  2. PEI looks so beautiful. Love to see photo's of Canada. :) Hugs,

  3. What a beautiful photo of you, Sheila!!

  4. Lovely to spend more time on the island with you... lovely pictures and great to see a picture of you too.....

  5. Hello Sheila,

    Thank you so much for sharing your day out. I am in love with this place.
    Happy days.

  6. Well needless to say I agree with you wholeheartedly and loved your photos. It was lovely to see a pic of you and now I can visualise you when I blog to you.
    How wonderful to be in "Anne's" garden.

  7. Ican see how you would be inspired to sew a postcard. What beautiful scenery!

  8. great pics Sheila and the beach looks to good to be true,its so beautiful

  9. I've always wanted to visit this spot, it is so very beautiful.

  10. What a wonderful photo of you! Prince Edward Island sure looks beautiful!

  11. I love Prince Edward Island! One day I hope to return for another visit.

  12. Oh my gosh, Sheila, I would consider that a treasure, too! How absolutely, stunningly beautiful it is! I really, really want to come to Nova have shown so many beautiful photos that I have added it to my "have to go there" list! And I will, too!



    P.S. That's a great photo of you... a lovely flower among the other flowers!

  13. Great pictures Sheila. You look fabulous too.

  14. Great to see you and such a gorgeous place! Oh my gosh!
    xx, shell

  15. I don't know how I missed this post! I love these photos and how cool that you've taken pictures of Green Gables! I just love all of those books and have every one including the movies! It is one of the places that I have always wanted to visit!!

    Awesome photos!