Monday, September 26, 2011

A little Quilt Show

I had a terrific weekend so I want to share just  a few of my adventures , first some friends and I went to a really sweet little quilt show at a local church , this show always amazes me as it is just a handful of women who do all this work of making and then setting up this lovely display.  You know when you arrive and see the display that is greeting you at the entry of the church hall that this is going to be great .
The hall was a buzz with women , some enjoying a lovely cup of tea and a light lunch and the rest viewing or maybe drooling over the gorgeous work on display. I'll just give you a little overview of some of the work , this is a small hall but they do pack quite  a few quilts in as well as a table selling lovely runners , bags etc.
One thing to note is most of these quilts are hand quilted and the stitches are amazingly small !
A lovely string quilt and to the left of that is a unique rag quilt with some lovely applique , loved that one.
A couple of traditional quilts ,the card trick and a sampler .

A pretty Dresdan Plate quilt , isn't the quilting gorgeous, hand quilted :-)
I loved this quilt and wished I could see it opened up to get a better perspective of the overall look .
I took this picture to show you they really try hard to make the show interesting with little displays such as this , ,to the right of the display the gal is selling tickets on a basket of goodies , guess I didn't win as I didn't get that call :-(
  If you were to ask me what my favorite quilt of the show was , this would be it , simple yet so gorgeous in a lovely scrappy design and oh the quilting , you have to see the quilting so I went behind the quilt to take a picture just so I could share it with you , wasn't that sweet of me :-)
 I know you can't see the tiny even stitches that have been done on this quilt but take my word on this I will never achieve stitches this small and this even  , wow .
  I know this is getting photo heavy but I really want to share a couple of photos I took yesterday on a little adventure to Big Island , I love this Island and it could possibly have something to do with the fact my first date with Bill was sort of here .Do you want to buy an  Island , I just happen to know where there is one for sale :-)
  Interested , pretty awesome right . It was a cloudy day when we first arrived but I really love taking photos of this kind of sky so I didn't have a problem with that at all. Want to see a few more of the area , well I will share a couple more because I love my province and all it has to offer in the natural beauty.
 This is to the right of that island and is a long sandbar , on the other side is a beautiful sandy beach and on low tide you can walk all around this strip , you could at anytime but it is a little easier at low tide .
 This is up the road a piece and I just had to take a picture of the wild rose bushes that are starting to turn , and as you can see the skies have cleared a bit too .

This is at the other end of the island , it is a marshy area and the different grasses have started to turn plus there are some rose bushes here that are turning so I just liked the contrast of colors in the land , not sure you can see that so well in the photo but in person it is so pretty .
And lastly I want to share these two pictures of wild flowers that as a child I would pick for my Mom and bring them home to her , so proud of them and she was always more than willing to place them in a vase and put them on the window sill to enjoy , funny how those things mean so much to me even today, so what flowers did I pick , well these first little yellow flowers always reminded me of butter they are such a lovely shade of yellow ,no idea of what they are but still love them
and finally these little asters I believe they are , I am not up on the names of the wildflowers I just love them for their beauty.
 I hope I have not bored you with all these photos , thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy your day ,it is a beautiful sunny day here today and summer has finally arrived in the Fall.
hugs Sheila


  1. Hello. I just happened across your blog. The photos reminded me of Nova Scotia landscape and, lo and behold, it was. I am from Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia and now that I have found you, I will be back often.

  2. What wonderful pictures. The quilts are all awesome, aand the scenery is beautiful. I may have to come visit.

  3. That is a wonderful display at the church door! How beautiful! And those quilts are all so wonderful. I am going to a church quilt show this weekend and it too, is always such a treat.

    Your scenic photos are gorgeous!!

  4. I love quilt shows. It's always fun to see what others are doing.

  5. Looks like there were some lovely quilts at the show.
    You island pictures are lovely, it's a very picturesque place.

  6. A beautiful post. You are right, the entrance to the quilt show was charming and welcoming and the quilts delightful.
    I love seeing phptos of where you live, it is so very beautiful.

  7. It is such fun going to quilt shows... even 'virtual' ones.. and I love your scenery pictures.. the water looks like a mirror it is so still.... wouldn't it be fun to own an island?

  8. Enjoyed your quilt show and photos....just wonderful!

  9. More yummy eye candy! Thanks! :)

  10. Sheila, I am NEVER bored with your posts...and I loved every single photo you shared today. I adored that little set-up right outside the church door...may have to borrow a few ideas for my front porch! :o) And all of those quilts are just beautiful. I think it would be so awesome to go to a quilt show there. There certainly is a lot of talent represented!

    Oh my gosh, wouldn't it be wonderful to own your own island? I would love to have that one...and live right smack dab in the middle of it. It would be heavenly to wake up to such beauty all the time!
    Better go and count my pennies! LOL!



  11. Loved the wander through the quilt show with you. Would love to buy an Island. :)lol. The scenery is beautiful as always. Hugs,

  12. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Sheila for all the photos.. Loved the scrappy quilt too.
    You live in a beautiful part of the world.. We don't have wildflowers on the flats here, just weeds!!

  13. hi Sheila I just added a hotmail address and will try to add this as a reply bloger I know that before hubby said that there were a ton of emails filling up the inbox sew we will see if this works thanks for letting me know to correct this
    I did get the email we exchanged earlier but that computer crashed.
    here goes
    thanks again. how do you change the follow up email?? any ideas

  14. Never bored Sheila. I enjoyed every bit of it...the hand quilting was amazing. I love your province too...have to get brave enough to hop on the big bird and visit one day.

  15. What a wonderful display for a small group. And to think that most of it was done by hand! Wow.

  16. Hello Sheila,

    Beautiful quilt displays. Love the fact that hand quilting is still done. Congratulations to the ladies for the display.
    Happy days.

  17. Looks like it was a great quilt show! I love the photos of the island and the nature shots, beautiful country - what a great place for a first date! The wildflowers are so pretty!

  18. All things that I love to look at...quilts,flowers,water,nature. Trish