Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wed.

I'm linking up again with The Needle and Thread Network for WIP Wed.  , I have lots of things on the go as you know but I will just update a couple of things , first off is my crazy patch block , I am working on this in the evenings as my deadline date is coming up fast , not too much left to do though so I am quite confident I can make the time frame. I have to tell you I am really extending my embroidery skills here , I do not have a lot of experience in embroidery just basic things but have enjoyed doing this block .
Remember my weekend adventures , well this morning I cut and washed the apples for the jelly I plan on making, here they are in the pot cooking away .
They are now in the strainer dripping out the juices , that I think is a slow process , drip , drip , drip .:-)
 The larger apples we picked I made some applesauce and we enjoyed a bowl for lunch .
Here you can see the applesauce as well as the four jars of blackberry jelly I made .
On the sewing front , I have the baby quilt sewn and this morning I sandwiched it ready for quilting.I actually need a few more pins but they are in use on another quilt so will have to baste with thread .
I also have a postcard started and will complete that this afternoon as we have a quilt meeting tonight and I want to share the postcards I have received as well as a few that I have made , I would like the guild members to do a postcard swap with another quilt guild , are there any guilds out there that would be willing to swap with us . What I hope to do is get enough members to join in this fun little project then swap with another guild and have a virtual show and tell once all the cards have been received , if  you think your guild would be interested please let me know,thanks . Also a little reminder for those participating in the postcard exchange I arranged earlier on this blog your postcards are to be in the mail today at the latest , hope you enjoyed swapping and look forward to pictures of the cards you receive and thanks for taking part :-)
Ready for stitching . Another thing I hope to get done this afternoon is sew the binding on my Mystery quilt , not sure I will have time but the binding is all ready to go so we will see how much I can accomplish .
So that is my Wednesday , I think I have enough to keep me out of trouble , what do you think ? Enjoy your day and thanks for the visit .
hugs Sheila


  1. WOW sheila you have been very busy.
    Just love your crazy patch and the baby quilt is cute.

  2. LOVELY Crazy quilt block, the leaf is also very LOVELY and the baby quilt is going to be well LOVED for sure!
    THANKS for linking up to the Needle & Thread Network.

  3. Sounds to me like you have a lot of wonderful projects on the go, and apple jelly (my favourite) on top!

  4. I don't think trouble will find you with all that you have on the go. Happy day!

  5. My goodness you have been busy.Your embroidery looks lovely as does your apple sauce and blackberry jelly.

  6. love your embroidery Sheila.That is something I would like to try this winter after I get caught up with things here.... too many wips and pis( projects in sacks )
    enjoy that jelly

  7. That is a loooong list of plans! I love the jelly and sauce.... and of course all the sewing... am posting my card today and I know my partner has posted hers..... thanks is such a fun project...

  8. The peek of the crazy block looks great. The sauce & jelly look yum. Hugs,

  9. Sheila, you must meet yourself coming around backwards you are sooo busy!!! How do you fit it in? I love the jellies, such a reward for a lovely outing... your baby quilt is gorgeous..

  10. Love your crazy patch block Sheila...gorgeous embroidery. Apple Jelly jam is a favourite of mine. I can't seem to find any here any more.

  11. I love apple jelly,and i love your crazy patchwork block,and yes i think you have filled your day in,lol

  12. Fabulous sewing and cooking, well done.

  13. That's lovely embroidery on your crazy patch block. It looks great.
    You sure have been busy with all the projects on the go!

  14. The apple sauce and the jams look delicious. It feels good to make things like that. Your embroidery work is perfect. I am thinking a bit of embroidery on the post card I am making will look nice. You have been very busy and have a lot to show for all your work. Fantastic :)

  15. WOW Sheila! : ) Everything is so wonderful!!

    I think I can round up some guild members, but not until after our big biennial show (end of October). Maybe a holiday swap? There are a couple guildies bugging me to start one.

    How many people on your end are interested? You figure that out and I can start a sign up list here? (one for one?) What did you have in mind?

    in Saskatoon

  16. Apple Sauce ,Jelly & Quilts !!What a warm cozy memory of when Nana Auld Was able to do this with us !!! Thanks For the Reminder Sheila!!! Hugs !!!

  17. Oh my goodness, Sheila! You have your hands, kitchen, and sewing room full of things to do! :o) I love how the new baby quilt turned out...that is adorable. And looking at those apples cooking, and your jams and applesauce already made...just made my mouth water. Yummy!

    Have fun with all of your projects...if anyone can handle them all, it's you!



  18. What a treat reading your blog today! LoVe the baby quilt...very pretty!
    Cheers :)

  19. A good and fun way to stay out of trouble for sure! :)
    xx, shell