Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Adventures

One of my favorite things to do is go for a drive down a country road , we are so fortunate that it is a short distance for us to be in the backwoods on dirt roads which I really love , so quiet , peaceful and so many wonderful things to see . Make yourself comfortable , do you have a cuppa tea to enjoy , perhaps a snack because I have a few photos I want to share and I hope you will enjoy my Sunday aftenoon tour .
Here is one of the country roads we explored , can you see the tinge of color that is happening with the leaves , some have changed more but for the most part it is just beginning to happen . We did come across one tree that had the most beautiful colored leaves so I jumped out and took this picture .
Aren't they an incredible color , and such perfect leaves , can you tell I love trees !
Another common sight this time of year is the blueberry fields are turning a glorious red , just love this , there were a few blueberries left along the edges , you can see them in the lower half of this picture but they are soft and only good for the bears , you could actually smell them fermenting .
Are you hungry yet, perhaps you would enjoy an apple , we came across an old abandoned farm with at least a dozen apple trees , of course I had to get out and pick a few , apple jelly on my mind ;-) What we didn't realize until we got closer to the apple trees was there were some blackberry vines that have been undisturbed for many years to the point they had grown right up into the apple tree branches .

 I am picking blackberries here not apples , I had never seen this happen before but it made for easier picking . So are you wondering just how many blackberries we picked .A bowl of black gold !
As a young girl I always went to the racetrack this time of year with my Dad and picked blackberries and Mom always made jelly or jam as Dad loves it so my plan is to make jelly today and of course I will share with Dad ;-)
  So you must be wondering about the apples , yes we did pick some but we came unprepared for this event so I was literally stuffing them inside my shirt to get them to the car , not a pretty sight so it was a good thing no one was around . I haven't tried them yet but they are perfect not a blemish and no sign of worm holes just a few had a little bite out of them from the deer that obviously call this orchard home and can you blame them , food aplenty.
I had such fun picking a few of these treasures , I don't have a lot but it will make some jelly at least .
 So that was my afternoon but now I must share the evening skies with you , oh they were amazing so I quickly grabbed my camera and ran outside on the deck first then out the front door so got two different views of this magnificent painted sky.
This was from the deck , this second one is from the front of the house , same sky but different view .
Isn't it amazing , I love what nature has to offer , all we have to do is look around there is so much beauty to enjoy ,hope you enjoyed my Sunday , I know I sure did .Have a great day and thanks for stopping by for a visit ,hope I didn't make you too hungry , if you would like an apple or some blackberies you know where to come . hugs Sheila


  1. I love blackberries. I haven't been blackberry picking since i was a kid. They used to all round the place where my parents live. As usual love the photo's of your beautiful part of the world. :)Hugs,

  2. What a lovely post, sounds like you had a good day. I keep meaning to go and pick blackberries to make jame but not getting around to it.
    I got a jam making kit for my birthday which I haven't used yet.

  3. I would have loved to tag along, a day in the woods, the smell of the trees as the leaves turn and what a treat fresh berries and apples. I to love trees and leaves and what beautiful maple leaves you saw. enjoy you jelly I bet it will be very yummy and bring back thoughts of fall when you get to enjoy it.

  4. Sounds like the perfect day to me - just to get out and appreciate nature.

  5. I agree with Sunny what a perfect day. Blackberries warmed by the sun - totally delicious.

  6. Thanks for sharing your Sunday! And for all the great photos, hmmmm those skies!!! enjoy your blackberries but I think you have already eaten them hihihi!!! Hugs, Daniëlle

  7. Such lovely pictures.. the colours of nature are great... there is nothing better than picking off the bush and eating.... those fruits are lucky to get home at all...

  8. what a lovely and serene time. I so love blackberries.

  9. Nothing beats freshly picked fruit. Love a crisp apple and of course any berries are delicious. What a great find!

  10. What beautiful photos! Yummy berries!!

  11. What a perfect day Sheila... a drive in the country, serenity, food, and then that glorious sky... you were blessed..

  12. Thanks for this posting, I enjoyed the sunday walk in the great nature.
    I´ll make plumjelly with ginger today, thats yummi too ☺

  13. That looks like a beautiful country road, I can't wait for leaves to start turning here. Will bears come into the blueberry fields? That would be so neat to find blackberries in the apple tree, hope you didn't get scratched too much.