Friday, September 20, 2013

More on Postcards

Thanks for the great response to the fabric postcard swap , we have some new bloggers (and new followers ,thanks)signed up this round which is wonderful and some have never made a postcard before so I thought I would share a few links that may be of help but before I do that just look at what landed softly in my mailbox a couple of days ago !
This gorgeous postcard arrived from Australia and was made by Fiona of Bubzrugz  , it is so pretty and delicate , thanks so much Fiona it was such a lovely surprise  :-) Isn't her work lovely !!
 How many of you are hooked on pinterest ? Well let me tell you there is plenty of inspiration for postcards on pinterest and here is a link to my pinterest page , have fun exporing around and I know there are several links to tutorials as I just placed them there ,I have not however checked them out but I promise I will.  I do remember looking at one by Needled Mom a while back and I just added this to my pinterest page . A way back when I also did a little tutorial on this blog , I will fetch that post and be right back . So here is the link to my tutorial , it explained how to make a landscape postcard but the overall method would be the same to make any postcard . , I wa a little surprised it was this long ago , my times flies doesn't it :-)
Now for those new comers a few tips, first off the measurements for postcards is generally 4"x6" , use something to stiffen the postcard so it is not floppy , if it is too floppy it will get caught in the machines at the postoffice and we don't want that to happen . There are several options to use for stiffening , timetex , craftex, fast2fuse and heavier weight interfacing which may require two layers .  Next ,I always send my postcards naked , in other words with no envelope but if you feel safer using an envelope please do so and especially if you have added buttons or other embellishments that could get caught and make sure you stitch down any embellishments so that they do not fall off or again get caught . Fiona used a clear plastic envelope which is also great as you can see the postcard and it is safe from being torn , you can find those in craft stores .If you notice the edges of Fiona's postcard you will see she has a satin stitch edging which helps enclose the layers of the postcard and also gives a nice professional finish . I have been a member of a few postcard groups on yahoo and some have very strict rules and one rule is to only send something you would also be happy to recieve , I agree with this as they are little works of art and you want to proudly display them in your home so do the best job you can.   Here are a couple of postcards I made yesterday with a fall theme , I didn't get much response as to theme but I think it is helpful to have a theme so lets make it fall if that is ok with everyone .

A few fall leaves , some of my favorites , maple leaves and oak and you will see on this one I did a little decorative stitch on my machine that reminds me of grass , it is an easy finish and does give a nice look .
Our leaves have not really started to turn yet or not in this area but I managed to find a weed that had a few leaves that had turned so I pounded those on the prepared fabric and then stitched around them . I was going to fill in the areas that had not pounded but decided to leave it natural and then I used my little rubber stamps to write out the word fall and this time I used a varigated thread to do a satin stitch , I really like varigated threads for this purpose . Now there is a lot more to fall than leaves so use your imagination and come up with something creative and most important have fun . 
 If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask and I will do my best to answer . I will assign names by early next week if not earlier . Thanks again for your great response and remember to have lots of fun with this  and oh yes , the mail out date will be no later than Oct. 15th but once names have been assigned please feel free to mail and once your partner has received their card please post a picture on your blog and also it might be nice to email your partner and thank her . 
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day .
 Hugs Sheila 


  1. I'm anxiously looking forward to getting the name of my swap partner, since I finished my first to swap postcard this afternoon.
    It was such great fun.
    Thanks for all the work you did setting up and managing this swap, Sheila.


  2. If you continue to do this swap next year I might participate. I did this one time in my guild. I went to the pinterest board. awesome inspiration.

  3. Fiona's card is beautiful. And I love the fall ones you've just made, cool to do the pounding technique, I must try it one day. Amazing looking at all your pinterest cards. A fall theme for our swap sounds good to me :-)

  4. All of these cards are quite pretty. I appreciate the Pinterest link as well. I love inspiration!

  5. Oh what wonderful post cards Sheila. So much detail in a little piece...wonderful

  6. I just love autumn images; your cards are terrific. The card from Fiona is so pretty; I imagine the postal workers enjoying seeing it as well.

  7. I have got the idea now. I will start today!

  8. Great postcards and great tips! Have fun with the swap!

  9. Wow Sheila, they are all beautiful. I still have not started mine.

  10. The postcards are delightful. That Fiona!! She always makes the most beautiful things, and her postcard is no exception.

  11. Love the postcards!! Can't wait to start mine!!

  12. All your postcards are beautiful Shiela, lots of lovely inspiration too!

  13. Hello Sheila, The post cards are most beautiful.. Hugs Judy

  14. Hello Sheila,
    I'd love to participate in your postcard swap. Thanks for the information on making them. Nice examples of how unique quilted postcards can be.
    Enjoy your week,