Friday, June 8, 2012

Just in Time :-)

Tomorrow is the Thistle Quilt Guild Quilt show , this is our Tenth anniversary so we hope to make the show extra special ,actually we always put on a lovely show :-) This year we have added a category ,our favorite quilt , one large quilt and one small quilt , runner , topper etc. , that was a hard choice and a lot of my work is long gone to my family.I did choose though and am happy with my choices .
 Now on to the news , I finished this little mini quilt just in time ,thus the title of this post . I had followed along with Temecula Quilt Company and made the sweet little basket blocks each week , I thoroughly enjoyed making these small blocks , they were not difficult at all which surprised me .
 All set for the show tomorrow , how do you like my little cradle ? I rescued this from the yard sale my Mom was having , it was the cradle we played with as children and I just could not see that sold to some stranger so I took it home and I love it , a real treasure with lots and lots of memories attached. You will see the tag attached for the quilt show , probably should have taken the picture before I attached that .
 Here is a little closer look at the quilt , I hand quilted this one although I may do a little more once the show is over , felt it would pass for now;-)
 I'll tell you a little secret about me , I hate using a hoop for hand quilting , have the hardest time deciding how to hold the hoop and quilt at the same time but love to quilt on a frame ,  so had to baste real good and just hold it in my hands and that works ok but it is best if things are stretched a bit . My Dad made me a little frame years ago that might have worked on this if I had thought of it , oh well next time . I love this little quilt and had so much fun making it .
 I am smiling today , the sun has finally found us , I thought it had totally given up on us . Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day .
hugs Sheila


  1. What a lovely little quilt with a great background with your crib. I'm glad that you saved it from going to someone else. I'm with you as I don't really like using a hoop either. Enjoy the quilt show!

  2. These are beautiful small quilts - hope the showg goes well

  3. Little quilt and cradle, great reasures with even greater memories!
    Wishing you a wonderful time at the show!



  4. adorable doll quilt. glad you recused the cradle.

  5. I adore your little quilt and look forward to seeing it in person tomorrow! So glad you finished it just in time!

  6. The crib & the little quilt go so well together. Glad you saved it. I hate using a hoop to - either for hand quilting or embroidery. :) Have fun at the quilt show. Hugs,

  7. lovely little quilt and the crib is perfect to show it off... glad you rescued that from the sale! I haven't really done hand quilting (just a run around the edge) but I like the idea of a frame... have fun at the show

  8. I love this sweet little quilt. And the crib is the perfect choice for displaying it.

  9. love your little baskets quilt and it's just the right size for the cradle.
    Good luck with the chow this weekend.take lots of pics to share we would love to see what all you gals have been up to
    in stitches

  10. What a sweet quilt and I'm so glad you rescued your little cradle! I wish I had the bunk beds that I had as a child! Have fun at your show!

  11. Your little basket quilt is so sweet in the cradle. I made the quilt too.
    I don't like a hoop either when I hand quilt. What ever works for you is fine.

  12. Oh your wee cradle and darling basket quilt is just gorgeous. I think our sun is gone over the ocean to you.

  13. Love this post, your quilt and little crib are just beautiful! Glad you rescued the crib.