Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Musings

Rain, Rain go away , come again another day . Do you think if I sing this loud enough Mother Nature will hear me ? Actually at the moment it has stopped if only temporarily and the ground probably does need this moisture but I would still love to see and feel that sun .
 I'm late posting this but the mailman arrived on Friday with squishes for me , yes not one but two squishes in the same day . The first one was from Annette , I had won a giveaway on her blog In Stitches and Seams . 
This little tool is very useful to create accurate cutting , the one shown you place on your ruler on the backside and it gives an edge to guide along your fabric where you want to cut , there is also one that you place on the bed of your sewing machine to guide your fabrics for perfect 1/4" seams . Annette was also sweet enough to include this fat quarter of fabric , I have plans for something for my grandson  with this , Thanks so much Annette .Talking about Annette, be sure to head over to her blog and take note of the Vote for me button at the top , she has advanced to the next level in the McCall's design contest ,you really must see the quilt she has designed for this level it is amazing and you can vote  once a day ,everyday until July8th so be sure to vote for your favorite quilts in both the amatuer and professional level , here is the link to their site . There are some wonderful quilts in both levels , well worth the visit .
 The next package I had to have Bill go pick up at the postoffice  as it was a little too large to fit in our mailbox , oh so what could be inside you ask . Well to my delight there was a package of wool for the Hannah and Harrington BOM , I won this by completing a T in the Bingo game with Tonya of Hillybilly Handiworks . I had so much fun with the Bingo and was delighted to learn I had won .
 You can't really see all the wonderful colors in this package , I am so happy with these and maybe now I will get back to working on the Bom , I have been a little slack with that lately ;-) Thanks so much Tonya , I really appreciate this great win. Thanks also to Sharon , Marcia,Snoodles and Tonya for hosting this fun event , it was a blast .
 Now if you are wondering if I have been at the sewing machine at all , well I have done a small amount . Our quilt guild is in its Tenth year and each year we have a quilt to sell tickets on and this year in honor of our Tenth anniversary we are making 10" blocks that will be made into a quilt for ticket sales . Brown paper bags were given out to those who wished to participate at our meeting this month and there are small amounts of three fabrics which all must be in the block . This was not as easy as I first thought it would be , a 10" block was easy enough but having enough of the fabrics given was the challenge but I searched for the perfect block    that I knew I would have enough of the background fabric for , that was my challenge the other colors were not a problem . So.... here is the block I came up with and I must say I do love this fabric combination.
 It turned out a perfect 10.5" block , whew , that was a relief . So since I was in the block making mode I knew that deep under a pile on my desk was a block waiting to be sewn together ,yes I have been procastinating  on this one , the pieces are small and there are a few of them too. Sometimes I have to really push myself to do things that I have left for a while , so much easier if I do them when I first start . Anyway , I did motivate myself to get it made and here it is .
 This block is for the Autumn BOM that you can find here  and the little pumpkin icon on my side bar will guide you to Rana's blog as well . I am really pleased with this block of which I need to make one more , yikes , oh well it wasn't that bad once I got started but tell me , could you cut this in half now , that is what I have to do to complete this BOM , it will not be easy to slice through this perfectly good block , wish me luck . In all seriousness I have enjoyed this BOM and am quite pleased with it so far , now to get it finished .
 I am off now to start thinking about Christmas , yeah , crazy huh , I signed up for the "Think Christmas"  Blog hop with Lesley of the Cuddle Quilter Fame and Madamme Samm  so better start getting out those Christmas , red , greens and whites and think of some blocks to make , can you help ?
Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for stopping by .
 hugs Sheila


  1. Love the 'Lodge' fabric and the wool bundle is beautiful (I have fallen behind on mine). Pretty blocks and if you do a google search for Christmas Blocks and browse the 'images', you should get some ideas - I'm signed up too.

  2. The wools are wonderful...even from here the colors look great! And your blocks are always give more than 100%, so I can't wait to see your RWB blocks and your Think Christmas blocks. You are an inspiration! Rainy here as well...sad face...

  3. You can send the rain to me if you've had enough. That BOM block is awesome. I had to follow the link to see why on earth you would want to cut it in half. But I think it will be worth it. Can't wait to see your final reveal.

  4. Lucky you with the wins! Both great gifts. I like the blocks you have made - yes I wondered about the cutting your second block in half but Rana's finished result will be worth that stress!

  5. Awesome wins! I just heard the sun will shine here tomorrow. I've had enough of the rain. Love your block for the raffle quilt. I also had to check out why you were slicing up that gorgeous star block...Okay now I want to make that sweet little pumpkin quilt!

  6. Oh I know what you mean about the rain. We have had a lot of rain this week. It is hard to believe it is July and summertime. Hopefully it will get better soon for both of us. :)

  7. You've been quite busy Sheila...very nice blocks. And what delicious mail you got. You are really going to have fun with those....especially that wool...these little cutting edge tools are a great help,eh.

  8. I couldn't bare to cut through such a beautiful block and so perfect too.
    Empathise with the rain but shouldn't complain as it is winter here and after quite a few years of drought I don't think we are game to complain.
    Have fun using those lovely wools.

  9. Lovely wins Sheila. Love your blocks they look great. Think it's going to rain here today. :( Hugs,

  10. Great wins Sheila and I love those blocks.... we need some of that rain... it is cold and overcast but just not wet....

  11. wonderful wins Sheila,well done and gorgeous blocks you have made.xx

  12. It is also raining here but it is WINTER and we need the rain.
    Nice squishies you received.
    It was fun to play BINGO and I had a win too.
    Nice blocks too Sheila.

  13. Great blocks and wins Sheila!!