Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesdays Treasures

I know I have been among the missing lately , I went to visit my parents for a few days and they have no internet access so I have missed you all . My treasure for today is my Island home , I love Cape Breton , nothing quite like it really . When I left here on Friday it was a sunny afternoon but the night before was a rather nasty rain storm so I waited until I felt it had passed over the whole province so I wouldn't be driving in the rain .
 Here is a question for you , Is The Sky Blue ? Have you ever thought about that , well here is a picture to show it is far from blue at times.
 This is far from blue infact it is even lighter in this picture than it was in real life , the sky was a wall of black as I was driving toward it , and yes I snapped this picture as I was driving along but as you can see there was no traffic at the time so I just held the camera to the window and clicked .Just a short distance from here I was in some heavy rain , sheets of rain but thankfully it didn't last real long . I spent a great weekend with my parents and helped my Mom at a Church Bazaar on Sat. of course I found a few treasures that I may share later . Saturday night a nor easter came through and lasted all day Sunday , it was a wild day , lots of rain and wind , gusts to 100 km. My plan was to return home on Sunday but when I got up in the morning I knew I was staying put , I don't like driving alone for one thing but in nasty weather , no thanks , the road in the above picture is what the highways look like to the Island no divided highways and lots of large trucks to meet so I felt it was safer to remain for another day and spend that extra time with my parents and I am glad I did . My Dad can tell the most amazing stories , I should be writing them down . My Mom had me busy hemming pants and well we just had a nice time together and I  really don't get to visit all that often so it was a special time.
 Yesterday when I left the storm had subsided , at least the winds had died down to 20 kms rather than the 80-100 we experienced the day before , oh and yes we did loose power for 11 hours. The sun was shining and it was quite cold at just 2C but when I arrived at the top of the mountain I stopped to take a picture and also to remove my jacket as the car had warmed up enough and it is more comfortable without it . So this is the scene from the top of this mountain and I am not so sure you can see it that plainly but across the water there is snow on the mountain , I believe this would be Smokey but not sure , I was just thankful it was over there and not where I was ;-)
 I wanted to stop and take pictures along the Bras'dor lakes but it was raining by that time and rained the rest of the way home with the except of one area where I did have some snow and rain mixed ,sure glad I didn't have that the whole distance it was blinding.  So my treasure for today is my Island home Cape Breton , a little piece of Heaven on Earth :-0
To see even more wonderful treasures be sure to stop by and visit with Melody at The house on the side of the Hill  and thanks so much for stopping by for a visit . hugs Sheila

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  1. what lovely views from "home" i know you could have done without the strom ...glad you are home safe and sound

  2. It sounds as if you had all the seasons in the space of a couple of days there - rain, snow and wind.
    At least you enjoyed your time with your parents. I often think I should be taking notes when my parents tell me stories lol.
    The view from the top of the mountain is lovely.

  3. There's no place like home is there. So happy you could have some time away to visit the folks. Sometimes we just have to do that and having no internet is not always a bad thing.

    We did miss you though :)

  4. I visited Cape Breton while in Canada some years ago. Perhaps I should re-visit next trip!
    HOME- certainly is a treasure! :)

  5. Nice pics Sheila; we had that same storm....nasty!!

  6. Love the view from the top of the mountain and you were smart to wait a day before going home. Beautiful photos!

  7. Lovely lake photo. So beautiful and blue.

  8. Thought it was a little quiet over here. Sounds like you had a good time visiting tho, so that's great. Loved the photos!!

  9. Third times a charm so they say ..I never get this right the first time ...LOL...Glad to hear U R Ok ...7 u had a nice visit ... Chat Soon ...Hugs Sharon

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful 'home' with us.

  11. You live in a very special place Sheila... one day it would be lovely to visit.. Glad you got to spend time with your parents too..

  12. I agree with Rosie above...you DO live in a very special place, Sheila. Just from all the wonderful photos you share with us, I think it must be one of the most beautiful and breath-taking places on earth. One of these days, I am coming up there! :o) I'm glad that you got to go for a nice visit with your parents....and am happy that you had a safe trip both going and coming!

    Have a beautiful day, my friend!



  13. What a lovely view! It sounds like you've had quite the weather lately. We have a storm blowing in here possibly bringing snow tonight :-)
    Have a great weekend,