Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I am linking up today to the Needle and Thread Network   , if you have never checked it out I would suggest you do as there is lots of talent linking up here .
 So what do I have to report for this week , well a few things ,First off I have finished the hand quilting on the Row by Row quilt , it still needs to be bound but that will have to wait just a bit. I have been busy making a few things for a sale this weekend. My friend Sharon asked me to take part in a house sale along with another friend of hers ,this is my first time doing this so not quite sure what to expect or even what to bring . I have made a couple of aprons ,one I already showed and one I just finished and a third one is in the works .
This one is complete , some pretty reproduction prints ,really love these fabrics , they remind me of my aunt.
Then this Christmas one is almost complete ,it is referred to as a one hour apron , well maybe for some people :-0
I made this same pattern way back in the spring and it is a cute but simple pattern which can be found here .The pattern doesn't call for a pocket but I think an apron needs a pocket so I added one.
 I have a meeting in a little while so not much more sewing will get done this afternoon , I should be able to finish this off before I head out though. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to head on over to the Needle and Thread network , you won't be disappointed. hugs Sheila

 ps. check out the cute snowman you can win here  ,I'm sure when you see it you will want to win , oh dear I just ruined my chances ;-)


  1. Thanks Sheila;I do like it better now since adding the white to it...and I love your crisp and fresh

  2. Great aprons ... I think the one comes after you have made a few, and then only if no one bugs you while you are working
    hope your sale goes well

  3. I love aprons with bibs! I wear them all the time (I am a mess in the kitchen, even get soaked doing dishes!) I have one I made and one bbq apron of my husband's. I should make more. There are such pretty patterns these days!
    : )

  4. Beautiful aprons, Sheila! I love both of them. Love the fabrics in both. What a great idea adding the pocket. I know I sure love pockets in my aprons!

  5. The aprons are lovely. I agree - an apron needs a pocket. :) Hugs,

  6. the aprons are lovely... and yes, I agree pockets are necessary with aprons....

  7. What a neat shape! They look very nice.

  8. I especially like the first apron, good luck with the sale!

  9. Good luck with the sale. I'm sure they will love the aprons! They are perfect.

  10. Sheila your aprons are lovely... I have these on my Christmas list for my mum...